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Trapped in Terra - RPG Webseries

Trapped in Terra - RPG Webseries

So, last summer a friend of mine spend a month up to her shoulder blades in mosquitoes filming this series. After a fall where everyone thought that those days of filming were going to go down the hole, she finally sprung this on us last week. Now, I know I might seem biased here, but this is some genuinely funny stuff, especially if you're a fan of the old 16-bit gaming era. Take the time to check this out, it's eight minutes well spent I promise.

Eight minutes VERY well spent. Awesome job there.

The production values are a bit rough, but definitely worth the watch. I love the thief :P

Yeah, it can be a little shaky at times, I think everyone admits. But it is their first attempt at producing a show, so there's plenty of room to learn the tricks of the trade.

Edit: and I've just been informed that part of the reason it's a little rough is that it's a rough edit. Apparently the editor's computer crapped out before editing was finished so they uploaded what they had so they'ed have something.

Alright, so this sorta fell by the wayside for me with exams and all, but since I posted last there's been two more episodes of Terra put out!

Episode Three: Random Encouter:

Episode Four: The Episode That Goes Like This:

Originally Posted by Khakhan View Post
Hehe, the bit when she finds out what her 'class' is. ***k my life. lol

Good show.
To be honest, I thought she was the damsel.


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