Call to War (exotic nature campaign)

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Call to War (exotic nature campaign)

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This is going to be a homebrew game using nonhuman(oid) characters. The actual setting and intent is for specifically for a party of all fey or nature based creatures.

The ruleset is in the forum- everything you should need to at least know HOW to start- if you're interested, I'll give you a private thread and you can share your ideas in detail. Fey, magical animals, sentient ordinary animals, plants and other natural oddities are all more or less automatically approved- though approval of a character concept does not mean acceptance into the game. For those worrying about character creation rules- it's not that complex. If you've played pretty much any "superheroes" game, you'll probably be able to build your own without any handholding.

If you really *desperately* wish to try out "that awesome idea that never seems fit into the system"- I'm generally interested in that as well. I won't promise anything other than that I'm pretty sure it can be built (and I really want to see just what the system is capable of building in the hands of others- call this a playtest of sorts). All you absolutely must have to have a potential character is a reason to be in the wilderness, and a whole lot of enlightened self interest. But out-of-theme characters have much lower odds of acceptance.

Your characters automatically get some "partial memories" of one of the three humanoid civilizations that are active in this world. These were essentially memories pulled from members of those races and cobbled together and then infused into your characters by the forces that made your characters into PCs. You aren't necessarily *forced* to have or use them, they're mostly a way for your characters to have access to weapon and some magic talents- and perhaps most importantly *languages*. And to understand what's happening in this world that necessitates your character acting. These don't affect your characters in any personal way, and are little more than textbook knowlege to them.

Game Description:

Simurgh. Youngest of the Endbringers. Smallest. Least destructive. The 'little sister'. If you believe that, you're too stupid to live. She's the cruelest of the three. Her "brothers", at least, are quick about it. Death is a mercy Simurgh offers sparingly.

Oh, sure, she doesn't do what her "brothers" do. Behemoth will turn a city into a radioactive hell. Leviathan will sink that same city into the ocean. Or leave it broken by waves and filled with stagnant water and all the disease that comes with it. Not Simurgh. She is more subtle.

She leaves her poison inside people. Her Song. Every living being that's been exposed to her for more than a couple hours is 'infected'. A twisted combination of telepathic manipulation and the ability to sense the future. After you've been exposed, you're a weapon. A bomb. Set to self destruct. A day. A month. A decade. Sooner or later. And there's no way of knowing just what she did inside you. What sick plan was set in motion the moment she sank her claws into your mind. Destroyed your future. Made you a tool in her plan.

And then she appeared over Washington DC. Evacuation procedures managed to evacuate much of the area. But not nearly enough. Nothing is ever enough. The (former) President was caught, along with a number of others. They didn't even let him out of the quarantine to effect his resignation.

And that's what they're calling it. Quarantine. We're infected. Whether we were bigwig politicos, or just bums who were living in the streets before the attack. It doesn't matter. We're too dangerous to let leave. They made it clear that anyone trying to escape would be shot.

The pentagon burned within minutes after the attack ended. The walls were assembled before an hour had passed. Food gets sent in by robot AI.

The Protectorate, PRT, police and military that were unfortunate enough to be caught within the walls still have their jobs- though, now, it's to maintain what semblance of civilization they can. While the shock lifts, and what all this means slowly starts to set in in.

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Yeah, I looked them up, no difficulties.

So, mish, when's your thread coming?

Are you talking about Thelon, or the undead game?

Thelon might get finished tonight or tomorrow, depends on time. Undead within 2 days, also depends on time.

The game. I'm in no rush on the character thread- we still got a while before every potential player applies. My game hasn't even been up a full day yet.

This sounds interesting. Would something like an fauna spirit work? Or (more my speed) a werewolf type creature?

Hm, interesting, interesting.

I'll apply. I've got two concepts, one old and one new, although I'd like to try the old one first. It's basically for a purplish people-eating wayward monster, whose not-quite-wise creator was its first victim before running off. I call the concept Gorillasaur, because that pretty much hits the imagery right on the nose, but a different name would be more appropriate for this game.

EDITED for atrocious, atrocious grammar.

I want to hesitantly and carefully admit some interest into this. However, you may need to bring your heaviest frying pan to help you DMify the rules for me.

At this time, I have no true ideas what I'd like to play. But I bet a bit of image hopping will help with that.

Fauna spirit works. Werewolf works (to a degree- it won't be the whole lycanthropic disease version because that mythos requires a mindless monster- and that's NPC territory). The... gorrilla thingy works too. Except I should point it's not really in the theme of the game.

To give you an idea. This system has handled ALL of the following as player characters (note- they had different starting points obviously- high level campaigns are created simply by giving starting characters more points to spend), but the same ruleset applied to all of them:

-Mechanical sphere with magnetic manipulation abilities housing a cybernetically enhanced brain
-Psionic cockroach. Completely ordinary cockroach. Except it had superhuman intelligence and psychic powers.
-A nanite cloud
-A pegasus
-The guy riding the pegasus
-Baby dragon
-Twelve Dragon Ball Z characters (least realistic thing about DBZ battles: the idea that the planet ever manages to survive)
-The complete cast of Farscape- INCLUDING THE SHIP
-An explosion elemental (two powers: suicide touch range boom.... and immortality)
-A "mimic" that only has the powers of the thing he's fighting at exactly that moment
-And one absolutely and completely ordinary 15 year old girl riding a Bengal Tiger

EDIT: also, basil... umm... most of the rules you'll need are in the forum. They're mostly straightforward. And if you have questions, I have a thread for it.

Originally Posted by TanaNari View Post
The... gorrilla thingy works too. Except I should point it's not really in the theme of the game...
Yeah, understandably. I figure it'd run off and get picked up by a local forest/jungle spirit (which does his best to teach/raise the monster), performing its intended function (mauling people) but for unintended purposes (protecting its adopted home).

Do we make our own thread or do we wait for you to make it?

Conceptually, I see myself falling on an old 3.5 homage idea that involves the oft-not used Beget Bogun spell. I have played various Druids over the years and have never been given the chance to actually fulfill my dream of begetting a bogun. So, I suspect I will be looking at some type of satyr/centaur/half-beast style creature.

... I have actually never heard of that...

If you're impatient, there's no reason you couldn't create your own, but I'll go set you all up character threads.


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