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A Time of Legends

A Time of Legends - Forum
Legend of the Five Rings 3e
Ad Closes: Feb 18 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Under the shadow of a tree, a grandmother sings for the children around:

Hundreds years ago lived a man, called Sachiban,
He was old and poor, sick and blind, useless and short,
A fisherman in the land of the Phoenix clan.
However he was pious, prayed fortunes and kami.
When the good Emperor Hantei came with his high court,
To pray Isora, repel storms and tsunami,
He was there too, burning incense all by the port.

To take the noble to the sea, a barge came in,
For it would sail to one sandbar to place offerings.
When the court embarked, the festival could begin.
Although still blind old Sachiban watched them all go.
By the sandbar they left rice, fruits and many things.
Right on the spot Shinsei appeared to the old crow.
No longer blind, he looked around and saw a fin.

Old Sachiban was sure of that: a whale it was.
At once he ran reached the port's bell and rang it loud.
His feeble arms, raised the alarm without a pause.
The whale raised, slammed, but missed the barge now out of reach.
Because Sachiban had saved his life Hantei vowed,
To give the valorous man the shore, reef and beach.
But the Emperor waited before speaking aloud.

She hesitates for a second and pauses. "Oh, and the rest has been lost to the ages, sons. I can't remember the lyrcis. But I know the story! The good Emperor Hantei waited too much, and before reaching the port, courtiers' lies and rants had changed his mind. He was generous, but the court didn't share his virtue."

The grandmother coughs and goes on.

"He thus proclaimed, influenced by his entourage, that when the 1000th whale crosses the strait, Sachiban will be granted the privilege of founding the Whale Clan. A decree was written on the spot that bears the Imperial seal...

However as you all know well, sons, whales are rare. The one is Sachiban's song was perhaps the first in centuries!
Fortunately in the good Emperor's entourage was a benevolent shisha of the Miya family. He felt sympathy for Sachiban and remained in the village long after the departure of the court, and after him his son, and the son of this son, up to this day. You know, it is the old man in the strange tea pavilion built on the beach. Do you know his duty? He is counting whales, as was doing his father before him, and his grandfather, and his whole lineage since Sachiban. And believe it or not, the 1000th crossed the strait in the morning!"

The children gathered around the grandmother couldn't imagine the repercussions...

About the gameOverview

This game is a Legend of the 5 Rings detailing the story of the descendants of Sachiban, you will get to play the heroes in a tale about the rise of the Whale clan. You will face the many dangers in Rokugan and you will have to navigate the both social and physical dangers if you want your new clan to actually become more than a footnote in history or worse... failure to act upon the Emperor’s decree would not only result in the offer’s retraction, but an incomparable loss of honor as well, for all involved.


Game Description:

In short
Winter Moon shines bright
On waves of the blackest night
Whales come up to breathe

This is L5R 4th ed, an adventure for samurai to achieve grandeur, or die trying.
We are looking for 6 friendly, dedicated, team oriented players, with a good posting rate of at least a post per day. It is not to rush things, but to afford playing the details that make this world so rich, on the contrary.

Mastery of the rules is not required, but familiarity with Rokugan is asked. Access to the core book is a definitive plus, if only to build up your character. With highlights on the world (culture, etiquette, religion, bushido, and much more) maintained on the forum we will try to make the game as beginner friendly as it can be in such a rigid no-misstep setting. We will not betray it though.

Ad closes on Friday 18th. Announcements will be made on Monday 21st, with invites sent on the spot.

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First questions: When in the timeline does this take place? What is the Whale Clan's duty going to be?

I've been reading over the planning thread since it started, glad to see the ad so soon. I'll see what I can come up with.

I've got a character all ready to go, i should have an app up (not completed) before noon.

Posting interest, and pleased to see 'friendly, dedicated, team oriented players, with a good posting rate' listed in bold letters! Character ideas brewing. . .

I'd be interested in playing, but I'm fairly new to Legend of the Five Rings. I've played it in two tabletop sessions, but I'm not sure if that was third or fourth edition. Would you be willing to teach a new player the ropes?

Only 6 players? I thought we could have at least double of that...?

12 players would be... pretty crazy.

12 would be crazy indeed.
6 should be seen as some kind of minimum: if 8 apps blow our mind, I have the feeling we won't turn a blind eye onto 2 of them.


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