Chapter 8: Before the Walls

Nate concentrates to counter every movement of Giles in the correct rhythm. "Yeah!" crank "Why..." crank "...aren't they..." crank "...firing?" crank

The sudden call to arms was both a blessing and a curse for the young Rufus Withers. He had worried about the return of those outside the walls, but was hoping they could make the trip back without any issue. Having just been demoralized by his fellow comrades didn't help much.

But he didn't let all of those things keep him from his duties. With a flurry of length and awkwardness, Withers donned his armor and grabbed his weapons from their rack. He was only beaten to the gate by Nate and Giles, who had been dressing at the same time. They worked the gate's levers. That made them the lucky ones, not because they would fight last but because their minds were occupied by their work. Rufus simply stood by, the horrors of his imagination building an ever increasing image of what awaited him just outside.

Leo looks at marin and smiles "Its a good day for a dance wouldn't you say? Do me a favour though? if we both survive this, remind me to requisition a crossbow?" a small laugh escaping his lips...

Quietly at first, Leo sings lowly, and not very well, but its an old song, from his home... his father would sing it, and make him feel brave... he wondered if the others knew it...

"You ask me for my sacrifice... and I am winterborn"

Caedmon's eyes focus on the horizon taking mental note of the terrain mentally taking measure of the distances so that he may accurately place his arrows in the bellies of the incoming beasts. He nods with a slight grin at Butch's comment, but soon the expression on his face turns solemn and determined. Carefully he readies a few arrows, as he listens to the cranking of the fortress gates behind him.

He takes a moment to concentrate on his breathing forcing his nerves to calm and his patience to increase. "Come beasts, we will tear you down. Come fiends, we will teach you to fear. Come monsters, we will test your might."

Alelip quickly hazards a glance behind him, to ascertain the position of the gate, and then turns his head away from the wall,
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 21)
watching for any sign of movement, now that the party has arrived.

"Sure, brother" says Marin with her gaze still fixed on the approaching gnolls quickly falling in the stance she had seen all men of the fifth practice so much. Looking a moment at the top of the wall, she advances a few steps, standing a bit far from the wall, but still in the zone covered by the archers, or so at least she thought

"We have to give them margin to fire. If we fight at the base of the wall the archers aren't going to see anything and will be firing blind" she calls to the rest of the group, beckoning to join her

OOC: Sorry guys, I forgot the SOUNDTRACK on the opening post...

Nate and Giles shove the gate open far enough to allow movement in and out. Rives and the horses are standing by and begin filing through as quickly as possible. Caedmon and Butch take sights and nock arrows, ready to give the gnolls some pause should they continue the rush. Leo, Marin, and Alelip form a wall a few feet out from the gate, defending the opening while giving the archers a chance to provide covering fire.

The gnolls run toward the gate, howling war cries and brandishing their axes. The sound of a bow from above, however, precedes an arrow embedding itself in one of the beasts' leg. The wounded hyena-headed enemy slows to a pained limp behind its rapidly advancing comrades.

Order of Battle: PCs, Gnolls

Status: Gnolls (11) at 180 feet, closing at 60 feet per round. Gnoll (1) at 210 feet, closing at 30 feet per round.

Gate: Open, manned by Giles and Nate.

Caedmon watches and waits for the Gnolls to advance within
Far shot makes it 165ft
range before he makes his attack. He fires one, then with a practiced hand quickly draws up another and aims for another dog man. Without turning his head he encourages his brother in arms, "Ok, Butch lets make these shots count!"

Seeing Caedmon fire the first arrows Marin locks her feet to the ground, ready to take her part of the charge, sword ready

Alelip sees Cademon and Butch take position, and Marin tense up, sighs for a moment, mutters something that sounds like, "Rookies...", and proceeds to prepare to charge.


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