Chapter 8: Before the Walls

looking at the open gates, Leo thinks quickly...

"umm, not to step outa line, but shouldnt we get our tails inside? why risk out lives in hand to hand when we can let these buggers bash themselves into the wall while we fire them full of arrow holes?"

Butch, overhearing Leo's comment, nods quickly. "Move when we fire. Hopefully a few arrows will dissuade them from charging the last distance. We need to get that gate closed as soon as possible."

Hearing her friend she started to answer, but when her superior agreed she just growled and nodded stiffly

"Yes, Sir" she replied curtly, keeping her sword ready but looking angry at the approaching enemy, not bothering to address her friend

Nate watches the scene through the open gate. It would be exaggerated to call him afraid or scared, but there is a thick lump in his throat as he lays eyes on the howling gnolls. "Come on... get in here..." Hands on the winch, he readies himself to start turning the handle again as soon as his comrades come back in.

The gnolls advance again, drawing another shot from above that misses the entire mass of hyena-headed monstrosities. All of the horses and Rives make it inside the courtyard, leaving the two archers and Marin, Leo, and Alelip outside to defend the gate.

Caedmon's shot strikes true, hitting one of the onrushers in the shoulder but not slowing its advance. Butch
Dice Roll:
1d20+5 1d6+2
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 6)
d6 Results: 3 (Total = 5)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20+3 1d8
Original Dice: 1d20+3 1d8
fires toward the onrushing enemies, but the arrow falls harmlessly short. "Inside. Move!" he barks to his troops as he starts to back toward the opening in the watchtower's defenses.

Scrawny Ken Rivers looks up to Rives, hoping the stablehand might have an idea what to do next. "Do we go out and help? What's the plan?"

Order of Battle: PCs, Gnolls

Status: Gnolls (11) at 120 feet, closing at 60 feet per round. Gnoll (1) at 180 feet, closing at 30 feet per round.

Gate: Open, manned by Nate and Giles.

Leo nods and bulls back inside the gate...

"Is there an extra crossbow around?" he asks as he passes through, hoping to be able to help.

Caedmon waits for the others to get back inside before moving back to just inside the gates and let's
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 11)
loose another arrow
Dice Roll:
d8 Results: 5 (Total = 7)
towards the charging gnolls.

Sending the gnolls a last glance of fury, Marin enters the tower and quickly goes to the archers, taking the first free bow that she sees.

Setting the rope tight with an arrow, she fixes her gaze to a gnoll and waits for the moment to fire.

Rufus stands stoically by as the gate slowly lowers. As more of the outside world is revealed to him, he is pleased to see that his comrades have returned and are awaiting just on the other side. But the signs of battle keep him from completely lowering his guard.

The gate finally comes to a complete and resounding stop. Withers moves aside as horses begin pouring inward, his own shield working as a viable guide for the scared and ornery beasts. As the others begin to move in as well, Withers has a few odd encounters.

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Leo nods and bulls back inside the gate.

"Is there an extra crossbow around?" he asks as he passes through, hoping to be able to help.
Withers gives Leo an odd look. Clearly the only equipment at the entrance to the outpost is that carried by the soldiers. Withers tries to keep his eyes on the grounds just beyond those coming inside, "Not here, maybe up on the ramparts."

Before Withers can continue, Marin rushes past him and Caedmon continues his retreat with a shot from his own bow.
"Giles. Nate. Get ready... Get ready!" He shouts back to the others.

Alelip waits for Leo and Marin to go inside, then, as quickly as can be done on a bad leg, turns around and sprints for the gates.

As he crosses the threshold into the fort, he yells at the gatekeepers, "Close the gates! Quick as you can!"


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