Chapter 8: Before the Walls

Hearing the Order, Leo snaps his spear into place, and faces the gate... hes not sure he can hold the space alone, but until the rest of the line forms, he plans to try.

Atop the wall, Caedmon leans out and sends an arrow whistling down toward the enemies at the gate. His shot strikes true, and the hairy gnoll goes tumbling away from the wall. Marin leans out from between two of the stone crenelations, and her arrow also strikes a gnoll but with a bit less force. The other archer at the top gives her an appraising look before firing his own bow into the crowd, but his arrow is turned aside by the target's armor.

Heaving together, the gnolls--injured though they might be--succeed in raising the gate about six inches further. It's enough that those in the gatehouse can see their furry feet, shadowed by the sun and casting dark lines across the bright patch of light that pours from under the gate.

Hearing the lieutenant's call, those on the battlements without bows leave their comrades and rush for the stairwell leading down to the courtyard. Only Caedmon, Marin, and the young archer are left.

Status Update: 2 gnolls are wounded. The gate is open about 12 inches.

Withers grows angry with himself for not thinking of it sooner. But now the opportunity to strike is much more enticing anyways. He jabs his weapon forward, intent to deter the gnolls from bringing the gate any further up.

Not bothering to celebrate her strike, Marin takes another arrow and after taking a moment to aim the same gnoll, she fires.

Leaning down once more Caedmon fires another shot, but as he fires a drop of sweat falls into his eye and he misses his intended target dreadfully. However, he quickly strings another arrow and fires, a bit more sure this time.

Rives herds the horses into the paddock. Should the gnolls come, the horses would fare better if they were able to run and maneuver instead of being confined to a stable. Besides, after the long run that they horses had just had, they would need to be rubbed down when all this was over.

Once the horses were situated, at least as best as were going to be for the time, Rives looked around nervously, hearing the sounds of battle at the gates and Wyndshof's call to the gate. Surely Wyndshof was thinking for the stable hand to join in the melee. We have numbers and a gate on our side, Rives reasoned as he paced back and forth. No need for me to go there. I'm not very good with these weapons. Almost lost my arm the last time. Everyone else can handle it.

Hearing the battle cries and screams echoing through the courtyard of the watchtower, the young stable hand cringes as he continues to pace anxiously. What if the gnolls best the defenders? Then what? I have no chance alone. The horses are all exhausted too.... Rives stopped in his tracks. If he didn't stand with his comrades, he would likely die alone. His eyes grew wide, as wide as the day he hurriedly left his mother, and he knew what he must do.

He had grown up sparring with staffs. Well, not staffs so much as any long, sturdy wooden pole that they could find. And to be sure, there were always plenty of long, sturdy wooden poles in the stables. Scanning the surroundings, Rives found a stout rod just over five foot in length and hefted it with familiarity, giving it a quick twirl from one hand to the next. He nodded. It would do. And with that he took off at a run to join the others at the gate.

Lunging in low, under the gate, leo
Dice Roll:
1d20+4 1d20+4
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 23)
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 22)
stabs, hoping to make contact with one of the
Dice Roll:
1D8+5 1D8+5
d8 Results: 8 (Total = 13)
d8 Results: 5 (Total = 10)
vile Gnolls

Alelip, seeing the scene before him, runs to the wall, pulling out a dagger as he does so, and attempts to
Dice Roll: 1d20+3
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 14)
stab one of the onrushing gnolls in the foot.

Dice Roll: 1d4+2
d4 Results: 1 (Total = 3)

Rives comes running across the courtyard, coming even with Wyndshof's shoulder just as he strides into the gatehouse. They find several of the Iron Hearts on their bellies, stabbing aggressively at the legs of the enemies just beyond the heavy wooden door.

Between arrows from above and sharp stabs from below, the defenders inflict enough pain on the gnolls to make at least one or two lose their grip on the gate, and it goes crashing down to the ground despite the best efforts of the other hyena-heads to keep it up. Fortunately for everyone who had stuck their arms underneath to assault the gnolls, the dead body provides just enough cushioning that their own limbs are not also crushed.

Faced with mounting injuries and a persistent counter-attack, the gnolls break off their attack and begin to run for the cover of the trees.

Victory! - gain 150xp each

Seeing the gnolls finally flee, Marin stands from her place and lets out a small cry of joy. Giving a quick hug to Caedmon and a smile to the other archer, she quickly goes downstairs almost running to check on the other guys.

"You ok, Leo, Rives, Mease Alelip, Corporal?" she quickly asks before silencing at the presence of the Lituenant "Sir" she salutes him, still excited about their victory


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