Wyndshof comes to a stop in the barbican as he sees that his men have the situation in hand. He looks first to Alelip, then to Butch, then to the other returnees, a bit of a smile on his face that could be relief. "I was somewhat hoping you'd be able to pull off this mission without all this drama, but then again I suppose gnolls have different ideas of acceptable behavior." His smile fades as he starts handing out the orders. "Nate, Giles, crank the gate open; Butch, Drew, Kyle, let's kick out this piece of crap that's stuck to our gates--preferably to the treeline, but don't put yourselves in danger. Leo, Marin, get some water and wash down the area so it doesn't attract scavengers. Rives, Rufus, go take care of the horses and make sure they're getting some quality rest. Alelip, take Caedmon and the others up to the wall to keep watch in case the gnolls return in force. Questions? If not, dismissed."

The lieutenant crooks a finger at Alelip to draw him aside. "Keep an eye on things. I'll be heading back to my quarters to catch some shut-eye for the first time since you left."

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