Re-Recruiting for Fury of the Alliance

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Re-Recruiting for Fury of the Alliance

Fury of the Alliance - Forum
Star Wars Saga
Ad Closes: Mar 1 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Looking to get at least three additional players for the game. The team is down to two Jedi. Because the game has already begun, there are some background restrictions.
*No Jedi. We already have enough. You are allowed to be Force Sensitive, but you may not belong to any Force tradition or have force training.
*Your character can't be a member of the Rebel Alliance
*Your character must be on Coruscant, but not necessarily because they live on the planet.

If you want advice on what kind of character to create... The team currently lacks a slicer and ranged firepower. But about the latter... ranged firepower doesn't mean some broken uber-sniper who already has +20 to hit at 6th level.

APPLICATIONSPut them here. Here's what I'm after:
Name: Self Explanatory I should hope
Race and Home Planet: Who are you and where do you come from?
Class and Role: You start at level 6. Fill in what party role you'd fill as well as what class(es) you have chosen.
Destiny:Yes, you may have one. Try to make it fit.
Physical Description: Tell me what I'm looking at here (or show me with pictures if you wish)
Personality: Make me like (or dislike in a good way) your character.
History:Since this is non-canon, feel free to make up some events, as long as you don't go too crazy. Why you resent the Empire is a good start. Work from there. Another thing you are fairly free to decide is naming Jedi survivors in your history. You are not allowed to "confirm" the deaths of any significant canon Jedi, however.
Shopping List: You are allowed to spend 20 000c on equipment and another
60 000 for nobles with Wealth talent
20 000c on Coruscant contacts and real-estate.

Stat Generation: 32 Points for your stats. HP is max for first level and half-maximum (rounded down) for subsequent levels.
Droids are allowed, even custom-built droids. You get 29 points to generate stats, and you are free to upgrade yourself with your money.

Allowed Materials: Core, Force Unleashed, Rebellion Era, KOTOR,
including Startship Tactics if you so wish to use them
Starships of the Galaxy, Galaxy at War, Scum and Villiany, Jedi Academy Training Manual (JATM), Clone Wars Campaign Guide.
All races from here are allowed, with caveats:
*No races that are discoverd later than Episode V, or are unlikely to be in the alliance (Ewoks, Hutts and Chiss spring to mind)
*If your race cannot speak Basic, it must be able to at least understand basic, and have some way of communicating. Sharing a backstory with a translator (Wookie and a Droid or Human) or can interface with a Computer (droids) are some examples.
Any classes and options are allowed, but you are not allowed to multiclass into more than three heroic classes during character creation. For droids, nonheroic levels do not count toward this limit (they do count toward maximum character level, though).

Game Description:

The principle of this Star Wars game is that Anakin Skywalker was never discovered on Tatooine. This, naturally, has far-reaching consequences in the universe. In general, the events remained the same, however. Events such as the Clone Wars and Order 66 still happened. As did the Declaration of a New Order. There are a number of notable differences, however.

After Count Dooku was

His death was unintended in this timeline. He attempted to escape the battle of Coruscant, but his escape pod was caught in a crossfire between two capital ships and destroyed.
killed Emperor Palpatine didn't find an apprentice until after Order 66. Because of this, Order 66 was not as efficient as originally intended. The Jedi order had more warning and roughly half of the Jedi Order survived Order 66 itself. The following Great Jedi Purge whittled this down to some fifteen to twenty per cent. As a result, there is a considerable amount of Jedi helping the Rebellion.

A year after the Declaration of a New Order, the Emperor found himself an apprentice. A male human who is now known as Darth Vasq. He is known to be both a brilliant tactician and a masterful strategist, while his abilities with the Force and a Lightsaber are above average at best. Darth Vasq was very involved in the development of the Imperial Officer Corps. While the personal abilities of Stormtroopers are still comparable to the original films, their real threat is that they are efficiently commanded and coordinated by excellent officers.

Another important note is that it's not just Jedi use lightsabers. It is not uncommon for Rebel soldiers to be trained with the use of a Lightsaber. On the other side, the Empire employed mercenaries and bounty hunters to hunt down Jedi and their lightsabers often ended up on the black market or in the hands on independent mercenaries. There few rebels (aside from the rebel Jedi) and mercenaries who can go toe-to-toe against force-users in lightsaber combat, however.

Rolls for the roll god! Dice for the dice throne!

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Interested, will look it over later tonight. Noble strikes me as my first thought?

I have a couple ideas swirling around. Wont be able to act on them till I get home and can look over my books again.

Intriguing... I think I'll go ahead and throw my hat in. What thematic style(s) is the game mostly running with? Clear distinction of dark and light? Blended shades of grey?

I had a gritty Trandoshan merc concept from a game long past. Didn't know it at the time I cooked him up, but in terms of personality and taste, he was eerily similar to Jayne Cobb of Firefly. I was pretty amused when I discovered the series later on.

I'll get with fleshing him out a little.

I have a concept for a nomad mechanic/tech who knows how to take care of herself. It's difficult to create a backstory that'd fit without knowing the current circumstances of the group right now. Usually I'd leave that tidbit up to the DM, but I'm willing to contribute towards avoiding the "they met in a shady Cantina" approach.

*No Jedi. We already have enough.

Is this no Jedi or no force users? I have an idea for another tradition if that would be acceptable. Also, lightside only I assume or can we tempt fate by being a bit more grey? I really want to play with the Potentium philosophy, even if its shown to be false [being wrong can be fun too!].

Greetings, new here!

Hey just becoming a member, glad to be here! I'm Norma and I am inspired by my husband, I enjoy working and currently being nutritious

Sooo anyways, adequate info about me, see you close to and hello again haha.

PS, how do I change the time zone for my account? It's kind of weird having the time like 5 hours off lol

I'm interested. I think I might make a "Republic Trooper" kind of like in the Old Republic MMO. Medium armor and heavy weapons plus some piloting/mechanic skills. Let me toss the idea around and I'll post something up later.

I'm Interested in the game. I am looking at more of a slicer/security expert character. I will get you my character soon.

Any chance NPC owned droids fall under Real Estate like Vehicles do? I expect a no, but figured it was worth asking.


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