Slasher Flick: Dying horribly is fun.

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Slasher Flick: Dying horribly is fun.

Slasher Flick: Dying Horribly Is Fun - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 3

I'm looking to start another game of Spectrum Games' Slasher Flick on Mythweavers. The last game kinda died due to players vanishing, so I'm looking for players who enjoy roleplaying, and aren't the kind to leave without even a saying something about it.

Slasher Flick is a system that aims to recreate the atmosphere of well, Slasher Flicks. Known the Roger Ebert as "Dead Teenager Movies", the classic slasher flick is basically a thinly veiled cautionary tale about drugs, premarital sex, and not following good christian values. But at the same time it's just sort of an exploity entertaining sex and violence filled romp. There will be a certain element of camp to this, obviously. Having seen a few slasher flicks will help, though I personally haven't seen that many.

Seeing as how this system is terribly obscure I probably won't be able to be too picky who I let in, but I'd like people to try to think about what sorts of characters they'd be interested in playing, and talk with each other about it. Each player will control one primary character, and usually at least one secondary character. Again, if you're interested, post, and talk about it in this thread.

If you're having trouble coming up with a character concept, just think of stereotypes. The characters in slasher flicks are never terribly deep, so don't get too far into it or too attached. The character creation process involves all the players together working out the details of every character.

In conclusion, um... yeah. I hope to get at least three people. Also, if you have any questions, ask.

Please use the information posted above to create and submit a primary character, as well as some ideas for secondary characters you'd be interested in playing.

Game Description:

Slasher Flick by Spectrum Games is a system designed to recreate the atmosphere of those trashy violent sexually explicit films known as Slasher Flicks or to Roger Ebert, "Dead Teenager Movies".

The genre itself for the most part is basically a thinly veiled cautionary tale about illegal drug use, premarital sex, and generally all that stuff that goes against good christian values. While the premise varies to a degree the key factors are usually the same. A group of photogenic, shallowly characterized young people participate in various forms of debauchery and are then hunted down and horribly murdered by a seemingly unstoppable killer until the killer is finally stopped by the most least debaucherous female member of the cast. This is the most common premise, but I'm not dedicated to sticking to that outline.

The main point of the game is not necessarily to survive, but to have fun roleplaying the characters and situation.

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Having been a big horror movie buff (Halloween THE ORIGINAL) being my favorite. I would like to create a character based around Tommy but grown up. As in Halloween 6 when Tommy had grown up and started to see Michael Meyers outside his window before Michael started to attack and kill everyone. Now I am not familiar with the system but am willing to give it a try. So my basic idea would be to create someone whose family was killed by a "Slasher" who no one believed so he bounced from orphanage to orphanage until he turned 18 and then set out on his own. Maybe a factory worker or Product Assembler. While suffering from Mild Insomnia and the fear that the slasher is still out to get him. So maybe he studies martial arts or Kendo or something along those lines.

Anyways this is just my idea and I would like to get your take on it please. Oh also I would like him to have a huge scar on either his stomach/chest or back. Like a machete wound from Jason Vorheese or something that required massive surgery and sticks out like a sore thumb if he is shirtless. I am thinking of playing him as a nice guy but kind of weird and suspicious of most situations.

I actually only saw the original Halloween, so no idea who that is.

Well it could work just fine, though the game system generally doesn't expect characters to be survivors of previous slasher attacks. But I suppose I really ought to explain it a bit better.

In order to keep players from getting too attached to their characters they each take turns designing an aspect of the character. Each player designs one aspect then passes the sheet to the next player. Of course we don't have to do it this way, but it's part of the whole campy atmosphere of the system. Whether we use the default character creation system depends on what the players want to do I suppose. If enough have a problem with it, then we won't use it.

Perhaps you should do it in a Mad-Libs format-- as in, "Everybody think of an irrational fear. Got it? Good! Pass your sheets to the right. Everybody think of an erogenous zone. Got it?"


Um... Interesting idea. They're actually aspects of the personality in the rulebook.

You start out with a stereotype then pass it on, you determine stats then pass it on, you determine traits, then pass it on. etc. I guess I should have made it more clear that players are really more important than characters in this game. But a good way to determine the quality of potential players is to have them talk about making characters... so yeah. I'm kinda screwing this up I guess...

A survivor would work I suppose as long as he wasn't overly genre aware.

Tommy was the little boy who Laurie was baby sitting in the first Halloween. Anyways if my concept is bad for the game then I wont do it. But I still want to give this game a try and I am fine with passing a sheet along and everyone contributing to the sheet is fine with me. I think it would kind of be neat. I want my character to be a shy quiet type who never takes the lead position and doesn't speak up very often. I also want him to be a practitioner of martial arts and a collector of comic books. Even though he fits in and hangs out with the Goth/Slacker/Doper crowd he dressed plainly favoring black and gray clothes and does not smoke anything and hardly ever drinks. I am thinking he could be bullied by the jocks and although he could fight back he chooses to make a point and not hurt them. So maybe he could have crashed a party they were having or came cause he had a crush on a chick there.

I am still in if this game happens.

Interested in playing the religious person. Y'know, the one who's all very interested in their faith? This would be the one who dies ironically in a manner offensive to their religion, and the tiniest bit unhinged in their religious fervor (i.e. directors message about how too much religion corrupts or blinds)


@MadHatter Well it wouldn't not work at all. It's just outside the norm. I'm not overly concerned with following the character creation rules to the letter.

@Trepinator That's vague enough to work perfectly for the first step of the character development.

I suppose it would help coming up with character ideas if I updated the ad with more info on the "Flick" I'm thinking of running.

Check the spoiler tags in the OP.

Ok well I will see how we do character creation first before I make up a background.

Originally Posted by MadHatter View Post
Ok well I will see how we do character creation first before I make up a background.
I added some more information on character creation. Hopefully that'll help. I forgot that primary characters are made all by their players. it's only secondaries that do that round about thing.


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