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Shadow Stream: Personal Art Thread

Human Paladin Concept

Started a 10 week class through Gnomon School. Here's what I turned in for the first assignment: A World of Warcraft character as a movie adaptation. I chose a Human Paladin. A bit safe, I know, but it was the first class and I had not drawn anything in months! Anyways, here you go.
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That's nice; I like it. I particularly enjoy the facial expression. A lot going on there, which is hard to do. Keep up the good work and keep sharing!

Na'vi Archer Concept

Week 2's brief was to design a Na'vi tribesman from Avatar. I chose an Archer or Warrior.
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Thanks, Valiyn, I really appreciate the feedback.

Here are the next few weeks' work. Haven't had a chance to post until now. The last one is a redesign on the movie Alien. I'm taking the middle character to a final posed render for the next few weeks.
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