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Pathfinder Sorcerer.

Pathfinder Sorcerer.

Ok, I'm new to pathfinder. I've played some 3.0 and 3.5, but I never ran much in the way of Arcane casters.

Were starting at level 1, 25 point buy stat generation, and it's a Kingmaker campaign.

I'm leaning toward Fey bloodline so I can get Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, and later on Improved Initiative as bones feats, and thus have the ability to participate in combat with a crossbow and not be a menace to my own party when were at low levels and I'm short on spell variety and spells per day. That said, if it's a trap, someone please tell me now.

Ok, thanks in advance, look forward to getting some help!

Edit: Ok, according to the games GM, the recommended bloodlines are Draconic, Destined, Elemental, and Fey. I've also been looking at Starsoul and Stormborn.

Any thoughts on these?

Also, advice on spells known, stat distribution, and feats, skills and traits is appreciated. Please keep in mind how ever all I have to work with is the SRD and the kingmaker guide PDF.

It's kind of a trap. Not the Fey bloodline, but the idea of focusing on your crossbow at all.

Fey bloodline is fantastic, and I encourage you to stick with that. Entangle, Hideous Laughter and Deep Slumber are all really nice spells, especially at the levels you get them, and almost every one of the abilities you get are fantastically useful (laughing touch is kinda nice early on, greater invisibility is good, at will spell resistance rerolls, all pretty boss).

But past level 5 or so, you should be able to say goodbye to your crossbow for good. As a sorcerer, your biggest asset is the ability to throw around tons of spells per day, so if you play smart and choose the right spells you'll never be reduced to that crappy 1d6/1d8 per round.

That being said, improved initiative is still fantastic for casters, and point blank shot and precise shot might be worth it if you use a lot of ranged touch attacks.

Ok, so I think we've concluded that bothering with archery is a bad idea. Solo suggests the Arcane bloodline, And Old Greg suggests going with Fey. Of the two, I think I'd prefer fey, since I'm more familiar with the spells it offers at low levels. (Again, inexperienced at actually using Arcane caster classes.)

Now, spells.

I'm leaning toward Color Spray, as I hear that's a good first level save or lose spell for putting the bad guys out of the fight.

The other four I'm looking at for the second spell known slot are Grease, as I hear that's a good spell for causing problems for the enemy, though I'm not sure the Entangle form Fey heritage doesn't overlap too much with it, Enlarge person, as I would like to have at least a few buffs, but I'm not totally sold on this buff as it's been powered down a lot since 3.5, so input would help on that one, Charm Person, which would help outside of combat I'm sure, particularly since I can make the charisma check for best effect, and Obscuring Mist as a defensive option.

For Cantrips at game start, I'm leaning toward Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Detect Magic, and Spark, the last one just for flavor/neat trick factor. Other one's that have my eye are Message and Mending. Input would be greatly appreciated here.

What race? Elf gets you longbow proficiency (superior to crossbow shenanigans) for free

I was actually leaning human as I could put a +2 in Cha and get a bones feat and skill, Gnome for +2 to both Cha and Con with a -2 to a dump stat, or Halfling for the +2 to Cha and Dex with a mines -2 str, the same dump stat the Gnome has a -2 too.

I considered elf, but since it was -2 too your second most important stat, +2 too your third most improtant stat, and +2 too a dump stat for you except for the extra skill that I get anyway as a human, I decided it wouldn't help unless I went with archery, and I'm presently being advised to just stick to spell casting like crazy.

Any suggestions for the three races I'm looking at, or is elf or half elf or half orc or dwarf a better pick and I just don't know it yet?

Go with a small race. The bonuses from being small are very handy and you should be relying mostly on spells after a few levels, which makes spending resources on weapons, as tempting as it is at lower levels, a waste.

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