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The mail has been sent

Denbound - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Good day all. This is the first game ad for my first attempt at GMing on the MW forum. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy enjoy the show.

On a related note it occurred to me that I forgot a few special features of the game's opening. Firstly, you don't have to have a character concept in mind (though it will really help). Next, once I close the ad, I'm keeping the number of players fixed. If for any reason you don't think you can stay with the game please at least let me know so I can plan accordingly.

You may notice a lack of a current setting, that is essentially because it doesn't exist yet. Or at least the main setting doesn't. All of the players will start out in their homes somewhere on earth. Again, be reasonable about this, you are a normal human being remember.

Game Description:

This is a game I've already run a couple of times on both occasions for players who've never heard of "ms paint adventures" or "Homestuck". I can definitely assure you although timing issues put both games on the back burners, they had an immense amount of fun. And that's what I intend to do here. The game featured in the story, called "Sburb" is just universal enough to be fun to anyone because they essentially make the adventure themselves. If that's enough of a hook then keep on reading.

You begin this tale as a 13 year old human being, nothing too fancy, nothing spectacularly glaring about you to make the minds of those around you reel in logical pain. But something is rather special about you, and today is a very special day. You've been looking forward to beta-testing a new game that you can play with your friends. According to sources, it has features in line with classics such as "The Sims" and "Spore". It also includes elements of fantasy/sci-fi Role-Play. The day is bright and sunny. The wind is calm, and you're awaiting yet another chance to contact your ever so distant friends and simply have a good time.


Tell me about yourself...

Alright, Invites sent, you can begin posting ideas in the Chatterbox inside the forum. (I dislike clutter)

I'm also kinda happy that there haven't been any questions. I hope it means I've covered all of my bases.

The recruiting thread is still open for 4-8 players.

Just an obligatory bump to keep things going. Currently, we have three fantastic players and I'd like to see a few more before getting started. You can also join as a reader if you like.

Our sixth invite is taking a rather long time to respond. I worry the game itself may be a tad too fast for him. So, I've decided to bump this thread in search for a special player.

Thus far we don't have anyone living in the Lab Tower.

Upon application, you may play what ever character you wish, and place the tower on any point on the globe. You can even have your own Guardian (which will be accompanied by the First Guardian). First person with a decent availability and interest in the game get's the part.

I'm kind of interested, and a big Homestuck fan, but I've never played this version of Fate before; the only one I'm familiar with is the Dresden Files RPG. Is that going to be a problem?


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