Dungeon Crawl 642

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Dungeon Crawl 642

Dungeon Crawl 642 - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 2

System - Microlite20
Players - 2
Character Creation - Standard as per rules (see Microlite20.pdf from source site below)

This will be a simple and fairly quick dungeon crawl using the Microlite20 system. It is VERY simple (D&D PHB equivalent is 1 page) and based on D&D Basic. All is freely available from their site, http://www.microlite20.net/. It seems to be in the process of moving, so I have all the files if for some reason you cannot get them. As I said, this system is freely distributed.

I have not played this system yet, so this will be a little trial. Game will be light-hearted with no combat map, but you will have a dungeon map.

To apply just post your interest here; though please take a glance at the rules first. Looking to start 2/28/11.

Game Description:

Dungeon Crawl 642 - To Arms!!!

Your villages woman have been stolen by Goblins! Their leader Shaman Tutu has declared them his and refuses to give them back for ransom, he has his own use for them. The Goblins cave has been located in the nearby hills. A call to arms goes up and you are the brave ones to answer.... Will you answer?..... Go get your women!

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By the way you should of said Women not Woman. Woman implies the the village only had one Woman and she has been taken by goblins.

Actually I am working with a Smurfette theory, but good observation!

No problem there boss. Good luck with your game.

Dungeon Crawl 642

Grab one of the random sticks in dungeon
and use it as a second weapon
talk to man about why he is there
then leave

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