DCA/MnM3 Heroes and Blackguards Multi-GM

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DCA/MnM3 Heroes and Blackguards Multi-GM

Heroes and Blackguards - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 2


In my never-ending quest to run multi-GM games (and successfully, I might add), I find we often need to inject some new blood. Anyone interested in playing and GMing a DCA world, this might be for you.

Ever played a game where you thought, "wow, this is a fun world, I'd like to GM a bit, but I don't want to take over the whole game"? This is a game born out of that fundamental desire. The desire to GM within a world, but also play and enjoy the scenery.

We are looking for 1 or 2 more GMs to join us in a Mutants and Masterminds Third (3d) Edition game. Aka DC Adventures RPG. This is a game ONLY FOR GMs. There will be NO "Only-Players."

About us- We already have 4 GMs, and have completed 2 comic issues. We're about to start our third. We'd like to add another person or two, just to keep the group decent sized.

Game System- DC Adventures. Aka Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition.

Atmosphere- Not dark, not four-color. The best way I can describe the atmosphere of the game is to say it like this- it's like an average tabletop group. It's not the super-serious drama group. It's not the "we-so-funny can't-keep-on-track" group. It's just an average group who crack jokes and get serious.

Character Creation- We're looking for GMs. That said, since all the GMs need characters, it's PL 10 with 152 PP.

Game Format- Each GM will GM games, and each GM will play games. You'll probably play more than you GM, unless you love GMing that much. We're still discussing this, but this is the basic premise. GMs will run a group of superheroes through a story (3-5 encounters). Multiple GMs may run a game at the same time, and supers may be in multiple stories at once. Each GM will be required to periodically contribute a game (we'll create a list if we have to). There will also be a central freeform continuity story where the superheroes can get together and relax and chat with each other.

Rules- We'll be using the MnM 3d edition rules, which is a bit like 2d edition. Because these are new rules there will be disagreements on interpretation. Most decisions on disagreements will be made by simple majority voting. Since everyone is a GM, everyone has equal say in the future of the world we’ll be playing in.

Post Rate- 1/day Weekdays minimum. We're heavy posters and you will get left behind if you can't keep up. Weekends we tend to be hit or miss, so there is no weekend requirement.

How to apply- First, please express interest here.

Second, think really, really, hard if this is the right game for you. You need to be the type of person who has a cooperative spirit. No one has absolute control over the future course of the world we’ll be playing in. Things that are sacred to you may not be sacred to others, and ultimately may be changed. This could be an incredibly rewarding game, but you have to have the right attitude coming in. Immaturity won’t work here.

Third, write an application. There is NO FORMAT for the application. Just like each person is a GM, we trust each person to come up with a good application. Maybe you want to write about you. Maybe you want to write about a character. Maybe you want to write a story. Any and or all of those are fine applications. Think of it as your first chance to be creative in a game that requires creativity.

Lore- The year is 1970.

The First Generation of heroes appeared during World War II. Led by Wonder Woman and Captain America, these heroes fought against the Axis in a desperate attempt to prevent the fall of freedom throughout the world. Only with the destruction of two supervillains, Ra's al Ghul in Hiroshima (former liaison to Nazi Germany) and Dr. Doom in Nagasaki was the war ended.

After the end of the war the heroes quickly faded from the spotlight. Most of the heroes went home, back to families and the simpler life. The world didn't need them anymore. A few stayed in the press, though, and involved themselves with politics. Their desire was to ensure that never again would villains gain enough power and momentum to throw the world into war. They enacted tough laws, many under put to paper by Senator Joseph McCarthy, requiring anyone with exceptional abilities to register with the United States Department of Extra-Human Affairs aka the Government Heroes Act (GHA).

And life moved on.

Things began to darken in the 1960s. The Cuban Missile Crisis left the world seconds from destruction, but for the brave efforts of The Flash (who has remained in the public eye). Television made it possible for the average citizen to see what was happening in the world within a day, instead of within a month. What they saw scared them.

Heroes, and villains, seemed to be emerging again.

In small pockets around the world, a few people are feeling tinges inside. Something is changing in their bodies, and it's not the same as puberty. Be it a little bit more strength, or a little quicker at getting stuff done, or maybe even finally understanding that the heck that girl in the mailroom is thinking, a few people are discovering that their world is changing.

Somewhere else, an old man is walking down the street, limping and leaning on a cane. He's whistling a Greek sailing song, and he's looking for someone. Someone… just a little bit different.

Game Description:

The year is 1970. It's a new decade and the free world is in desperate need of hope. Six years of Vietnam have depressed the American psyche. Nixon has a firm grasp of the Presidency while his nemesis, Leonid Breznev, keeps pushing for an end, a Soviet end, to the Cold War.

The Americans are feeling a bit of triumph, though. For the first time in recorded history a man has stood on the moon, carried there by the Stark Enterprises created Apollo lunar module. Lexcorp prepares its own module for the second visit.

The My Lai Massacre in Vietnam is still hotly debated in the media. Charles Manson is still at large after his cult commits murder in a Hollywood home. Violence wracks Ireland as the country sues for freedom from Britain.

Sesame Street premieres. Monty Python's Flying Circus does too. The Beatles are still releasing albums, and Elvis is still alive (and getting fat).

And somewhere, a bunch of ordinary people begin to feel a bit exceptional.

Call me DRK, if needed. Remember rule one- when in doubt, do something.
Mon-Fri (GMT+7) normal posting.
So .... a Marvel / DC Universe Crossover Universe set in the 70s???

Hmm... Curious as I've wanted to give me DCA book a try for awhile now. Dont mind the GM thing so long as I'm not the ONLY one. Cant handle be a solo GM for another game at the moment. Probably read over the game threads before I set anything more in stone. The 1/Day might be the only issue at the moment between all my other games. I've been averaging more about 1 or more/Every other day per game.

How come I didn't hear about this one? This is way more up my alley than the similar fantasy game. :P Oh and, I think if you have access to it, Damnation Decade could be a good resource, particularly since it has True20 crunch which can be dropped into M+M (even 3e) with little modification.

Originally Posted by ArcaneDesperado View Post
Dont mind the GM thing so long as I'm not the ONLY one.
We all rotate GMing. Everyone GMs once in a cycle, then the cycle starts over. There's no particular order, just we want to ensure everyone takes a turn. So, yes, you will not be the only GM.

Originally Posted by Krimson View Post
How come I didn't hear about this one?
Probably cause my ads get few enough responses that they quickly drop to the bottom of the Game Ads page and disappear The side-effect of hunting for the rarest of species- GMs.

And the fantasy version of the same is awesome I might add (since I'm running that one too) :P

Originally Posted by Frost View Post
how long is a cycle? Like one issue of a comic?
I use a lot of terms interchangeably, much to my own chagrin.

A "comic" or "issue" is a series of 3-5 encounters. A single GM will run an issue/comic.

A "series", "cycle", "season" (or whatever other words I might use) means every GM running 1 issue/comic. On further thought, "story arc" is a good name.

So far we've had 2 issues/comics. Once we finish 2 more (with the other 2 GMs contributing) then we'll have completed a "story arc". We'll all start fresh with new issues/comics. The entire idea is to ensure that everyone contributes equal GM time and no one is getting screwed.

Would someone that has very little GM experience but wants to try it out be ok? My only running a game experience is a couple party wipes in DnD 3.5. I know that I am not ready to GM a game by myself but this game would work nicely since I could get some experience GMing without having to create a whole game.

Originally Posted by bloodrever View Post
Would someone that has very little GM experience but wants to try it out be ok? My only running a game experience is a couple party wipes in DnD 3.5. I know that I am not ready to GM a game by myself but this game would work nicely since I could get some experience GMing without having to create a whole game.
Absolutely. None of us are the world's greatest GMs (well, I don't claim to be, I can't speak for the others). It's also nice in that no one person is committed long-term to GMing. All one needs to do is to prepare 3-5 encounters when their turn comes up. It's much less stressful than trying to keep an entire campaign going.

The idea sounds interesting as does your world. I'm leery of the 70's era part though.


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