Shadowrunning in St Louis

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Shadowrunning in St Louis

Shadowrunning in St Louis - Forum
Shadowrun 3e
Ad Closes: Mar 15 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Dropping in the Drink
The scuba equipment is anchored in the river. Cat line is set to the dock. The mist is rolling in off the river. It's 4 am, the contingency plans are set. We're as ready as we can be.

Cam brings up the mental image he uses to trigger his headset comm. "Go for insertion." Hrothgar starts up the cutting torch and begins cutting into the rusty door. Lisa's spell should keep the light under cover. Better check. "Windwalker, what do you show on the drone sensors?" After a brief second, the respose comes back. "Light and heat are minimal. Work quick."

A faint crunch later, the door is open. Lisa sprays down the heated edges with the watering can they brought with them before dropping her covering spell. Moments later, everyone's in and the real work begins.

About the me and game
This will generally be a game of corporate espionage. There will also be occasional sidelines as I come up with ideas. The game year will be 2061. The Arcology has been retaken and Year of the Comet is just beginning. I am a fairly experienced Shadowrun GM so most anything could happen. I’ve been interested in Shadowrun since it’s first edition. I played or ran a game through most of 2nd and 3rd edition. I’ve been around Mythweavers for a while as well. Ask me any questions you have directly and I’ll try and come up with an answer. I hope you like it.

Application Guidelines
Team Role:

Character Generation
1. I'm anti-troll. As a metatype, I think they are unbalanced. Most other "unbalanced" metatypes I'm not going to like.
2. Cybernetic Smartgun equipment costs double. That is both the cyberware and the weapon mod.
3. Only one spellcaster or conjurer.
4. You are welcome to use the Priority system, Point Buy system (125 points) or BeCKS (425 Karma) for character generation.
5. No equipment with an Availability higher than 6 at the start of the game.
6. St Louis is a border city between UCAS and CAS. You need to consider how you intend to move back and forth across that border.
7. There will be two fixers in play, Caden James and Carl Wind-in-the-Grass. You should choose one of them as a contact.

Helpful links
Shadowrun pdf purchasing site
SR3 Equipment List
Game Planning Thread

sirfinn Human Shaman
Calistoga Kidd Elven Merc
Daryk Elven Decker
BobKnob Human Physical Adept
Moroken Oni Former Company Woman

Deadline extended to 9 pm 17 Mar 2011

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I may well make an app for this, but its been a while since I have done much with 3e. Still, I'll give it a go, just need to refresh myself.

Color me interested. I am a resident of St. Louis and would relish the opportunity to do some corporate espionage in the future mean streets of the mega-sprawl of St. Louie. It's only fair to warn you however that I am a newb to Shadowrun in the sense that I have never actually sat down and played it - only studied the rules which I feel I have a pretty good grasp on. I am a longtime tabletop D&D player with a good bit of DM experience. I own Shadowrun 3 in print, but havn't looked it over as well as all of my 4e books - they're pretty similar though, right?

With that out of the way, and assuming you'd still have me, I'd be interested in playing a street sammy or a face or wheelman. Something that doesn't require intimate knowledge of magic or hacking basically.

You said only one spell caster. Does that include the lowly Adept as well?

Edit: Also, how do you feel about and handle deckers? I know that around here everyone groans when anyone suggest they might want to play one simply because they require so much of the GM's attention.

@Selene Only one spellcaster or conjurer in the group. That character could be a full mage, a spellcasting adept, shamanic adept, or conjuring adept. If a spellcaster or conjuration character is created, a different player could choose to play a Physical adept. That would be accepted.

I like deckers. I wouldn't be comfortable with an overwatch decker in this game. It would slow the game down considerably. A combat decker that would insert with the team would be welcome. I will have a separate decking thread up if needed. I would prefer to doing decking in tandem with the rest of the group's actions. That may be difficult, but I will definitely be working toward that.

@Calistoga Kid I've had trouble in the past with portraying places I am not familiar with. I once described a vacant lot in downtown LA. LA is urban jungle extraordinaire. One of my players had lived there and didn't even question my description. I'd love to have you around to keep me honest in my descriptions.

I will be happy to help you through the difficulties of 3rd Edition. I can handle new Shadowrun 3 players or just rusty ones. Third edition uses base skill + dice pool for skill rolls. 4th edition uses base skill + linked attribute. One bit of confusion is that 4th edition labels base skill + linked attribute as the dice pool.


Can't join the game but I did want to voice my support for 3rd Edition! They never should have gotten rid of deckers.

Cool I will get to work on fleshing out a character. I'm leaning towards either a wheelman/transportation specialist or a straight up face. Maybe a little bit of both.

Stating my interest in this. Never played shadowrun before, but I will have a readup tonight and either post a character or request to join as a reader.


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