A Eulogy for Socrates - Re-Recruiting!

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A Eulogy for Socrates - Re-Recruiting!

A Eulogy for Socrates - Forum
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Estimated Members Requested: 2

A Eulogy for Socrates needs fresh meat! Our band of hapless fleshbags has survived their initial encounter with the zombie menace, but with one of their number wounded and more of the things on the way, they have been forced to retreat into what appears to be a hospital - only to find another group of humans already there!

Neither group has any real idea what the hell is going on here, but they all share the same experience: they went to donate blood at a Chicago hospital, felt the needle slide into their arm, and woke up in a strange bodysuit in an unknown, metallic facility.

Where are they? Why are there zombies roaming the halls? Who brought them here, and for what purpose? Where, for the love of all that is good and right in the world, is the exit?

Game Description:


Something strange has happened. The last thing you remember, you had gone into the hospital to donate blood. They stuck a needle in your arm and -

And -

...and what? After that, there's nothing. Did they drug you or something? How long were you out? Where are you now?

Lying on a cold metal table in a strange white one-piece outfit, that's where. Maybe they did drug you, and now you're in their lab, and they're going to come in any minute now and start sticking more needles in you.

Hold on, though. You're not strapped down.

You sit up and look around blearily. You're not the only one in here. There's a couple other tables beside yours. Other people are sitting up, noticing their surroundings, looking just as confused as you do.

Then, as one, you all notice the door. There's no handle or knob. It's just a metal slab in a metal wall with a little button next to it. But it's got something written on it in red spray paint:



This is "A Eulogy for Socrates", an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game set in... well... I'm not going to tell you. As you can see from the intro above, discovering where you are and why you're there is as much a part of this game as fighting the zombies. The title's significance will become apparent in time as well. Don't worry, though; I'm not going to start quoting philosophy at you.

This is going to be a horror-style game. That means that things may get a little extreme at times, so if you don't want gore and language, don't join this game.

If you're interested in signing up, here's what you need to do:

- Create a Survivor or Norm character. This means that you have 20 points for Attributes, 15 points for Qualities (and up to 10 in Drawbacks), and 35 points for skills if you're a Survivor; you get 14, 5, and 30 if you're a Norm. Your characters should be from modern-day Chicago. You all went to donate blood during the latest blood drive and have no memory of what has happened since then. No Inspired characters, please, but if you want to play a Norm rather than a Survivor, I won't stop you (and kudos to taking the hard route).
- Post your character name, background, personality and description here. The only restriction on your background is that the last thing you remember is donating blood at a Chicago hospital.
- Wait to see if you're accepted.

- Death, in Terry Pratchett's Reaper Man
This looks interesting. I have a friend who has a copy of AFMBE, so I'll have my hands on the book in a day or so.

I loved reading AEFS before. I've got very little All Flesh experience, but I'm willing to give it a go.

Right. Thinking of recycling a character from a previous game I was in (not AFMBE) that had zombies. Concept is a best-selling horror-author that has to deal with the real thing now.

Looking forward to all your applications.

I am definitly interested it would be my first All Flesh game so it may take me a day or two to write up my character

No problem there, Nerian. This thread is going to be here for a couple days, at least.

I haven't done a zombie game in a while. Might be fun.

Name: Sarah Lane

Background: It's the 21st century. With modern medical technology, the old standards of fitness have changed. That was what let Sarah survive her sickly infancy and grow strong enough that her life wasn't constantly in danger. It was modern science that supplied her with Adderall and Albuterol and allowed her to get through school, so when she discovered her aptitude with technology and experimentation, it was only natural that she went into science, in turn. She didn't think of it as giving back to what had saved her, and she'd gone into a completely different area of study as an engineer in the field of robotics, but it was still there, on some level. She went to the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University, then went back there for a Master's. She was probably going to go for a PhD, but then a routine blood donation resulted in Sarah blacking out and waking up in a strange facility.

Personality: Sarah is physically weak — the combination of asthma and an inability to put on muscle mass has ensured that — and in some respects she's mentally weak, as well, since she's had medical science take care of a lot of her problems, but the trials of just growing up and staying alive have instilled in her a sort of tenacity that has served her well since waking up in this changed world. She's out of her element. She finds it hard not to complain about injuries or discomfort, and worst of all she doesn't have an inhaler. But that's fine. She just needs to take deep breaths, regulate her breathing like she's learned to do, keep hydrated (when possible) and get through this. At least she doesn't need glasses.

Description: One thing's for sure: this girl isn't ready for a zombie invasion. She's the kind of skinny most people only think of when they think of models who need more sandwiches, but she's too short and not pretty enough to be a model: her nose is too big, her mouth is too wide and her cheekbones aren't quite prominent enough. When she talks, or when she's wearing her habitual t-shirts, it's obvious that she fits a different label: nerd. Her hair is strawberry blonde and straight. She keeps it cut short enough to not fall in front of her eyes or take too long drying after showering. Her eyes are the kind of blue that look green or grey depending on the light. Aside from a little acne scarring on her face and scattering of freckles on face and forearms (the only parts of her body that ever see the sun), her skin is soft and unblemished. Definitely not ready for zombies.

I have a question, as well: how do you feel about characters starting off Norm and then improving to Survivor level at a later date? I like the idea of playing a character who isn't ready for this at all, then survives and learns and gets ready. Sarah will start working out more, learn how to use her big brain for more practical applications, and get experience doing things instead of just studying and theorizing about them.

As far as role, I've noticed that the other characters are predominantly physically oriented, so I think it might be fun to play the one who has to try to keep up with everybody else. Sarah's a kind of intellectual know-it-all, focused on science, but with next to no practical experience in anything outside of labs in classes. I think she might synergize particularly well with Jason, since nurses get well-trained in the practical side of several sciences and not so well in the theoretical side. Medicine isn't her field, but that's one of the things I see her picking up as she re-evaluates what she's learned and determines what she needs to learn to survive this.

Name: Ritchie Stafford

Background: was born in a small town in Missouri to a family of doctors and lawyers, a very long tradition but none of whom had ever touched the big three institutions of either profession. He happily followed after them, excelling in undergraduate level biology, but chose law instead of medicine. He felt that the image of a lawyer, and what they did, was much more appealing than donning a lab coat. He was in Chicago to visit his aunt when he disappeared, his family frantically trying to find him with what little clout they had. The last thing he ever remembered was going to the clinic to donate blood.

Personality: He's a bit of an idealist, driven towards perfection and often obsessing over the littlest details--not so much that its already a clinical condition, but enough to annoy his friends. He is a loyal friend to have though, often putting others before his own needs--valuing service and good work. Even when pushed into a corner, he never truly breaks with who he is. What you see is what you get with him. The only problem though is his penchant for taking things a little too far. This is most apparent with his curiosity, often wont to travel and learning new things.

Description: He's a wargamer, a passionate miniature wargaming enthusiast and modeler, an all around nerd. He likes books more than he does anything else, and yet that never truly hurt him socially. He makes fast friends because of his amiable young man image. While not exactly attractive, he does know what to do with his height, his brown hair, and his green eyes. He eats well too. He's a bit of a health buff, no small thanks in due part for having nutritionist as a mother. With a face you could easily forget, Ritche never really was one to stand out, nor did he ever see the need to.

Oh, and just so I don't forget:


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