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Recover Energy for Symbol Magic users

Recover Energy for Symbol Magic users

Hey, I have a strange question: How could someone with Symbol Magic spells benefit from a Recover Energy spell?
I ask because Symbol Magery by default does not require Magery at all, nor benefits from it, yet Recover Energy requires Magery 1 minimum.
I have a idea on how one could, and it is to assign Regeneration with Only Heals FP, Only Heals FP lost casting spells, Only When Resting, Requires Mana Above Low. This would have to use at least Fast level, but would likely push the cost down to 10 points(-80%), but is this the best option?

The answer to this is whatever works best for your game world. Recover energy can be justified to work optimally, better or worse with various mechanics whether its with symbol magic or not. The question is what fits nest with your game world.

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