In need of reliable players

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In need of reliable players

Marvel Superheroes: Rise of the New Generation - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Ad Closes: Mar 14 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 2

I need two players to complete my hero team so I can begin my game. Players will need a copy of the DC Adventures Book and need to be reliable and only post once in a blue moon.

Game Description:

Something strange is happening: Superheroes are disappearing! Vanishing in to thin air, no trace of where they went. And not the small timers, no, the major players are missing in action. No one knows what is going, on but crime is on the rise. Criminals realize that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and they are taking it! Who can protect the innocent? Who can keep the Peace? Who will see that Justice is found? It is time for a new generation of heroes to stand up and fight this mysterious evil.

Marvel Superheroes: Rise of the New Generation

System: Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition (DC Adventures Hero's Handbook)

Number of Players: 4-5

Player’s will need a copy of the DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook to play.

This is a Mutants and Masterminds adventure using the DC Adventure Hero’s Handbook (ironically enough). You will be creating a Power Level 10 hero to combat the rising evil in New York City, as well as to find out what is happening to the veteran heroes. I would really prefer no emo, loner, Punisher type “heroes” if you please...I don’t mind a Wolverine character as long as he isn’t to over the top. This game will focus more on a single team rather then the occasional team-up. That said your heroes can still have solo adventures, even within a team adventure by dividing to complete multiple objectives at once and so forth.

I haven’t kept up with modern Marvel comics so I really don’t know much about Civil War or Secret Invasion etc. so let us not acknowledge them. I read the comics from back in the ‘90s…back when they were a little less run into the ground, so the Marvel world I will use will be similar to that. If you have any questions about certain major Marvel events that may have transpired, please ask.

For backgrounds try to answer the following questions: How did the character acquire his/her powers? If he/she has any remaining family, what is the character’s relationship with them? What are the best and worst things that have happened to the character? What’s your character’s occupation? Do they have any dreams or aspirations? Answering these sorts of questions will result in a deeper and fuller character.

Posting Guidelines
The following guidelines are here to help you with posts and to advise you on my standard operating procedure for play by post games.

General Rules
1. Language: Please keep all language to a PG-13 level. This ensures that everyone is comfortable with playing in games and that younger observers don’t get in trouble or become scarred for life. Ingenious invention of fictional swear words is perfectly acceptable and encouraged. Also don’t forget comic staple curses: using the symbols in place of letters like “%*#% you!”

2. Content: Please keep the content of your posts to a PG-13 level. I don’t want to see graphic descriptions of violence or sex in these games. Comic book levels of blood and gore are just fine, but avoid going into the gory details. Outright sexual content will be removed without warning and players will be warned. A second infraction will result in removal from the game.

2a. Posting Length: Due to the nature of M&M it will help greatly if you can be descriptive when you post. Admittedly I myself often have problems here, so I wont be too judgmental, but we should all work to play this game like it is supposed to be played. So the target to aim for is a paragraph (4-6 sentences) when you post, this is the best results. There will obviously be time when you can’t post a paragraph, but let’s try to make those instances the exceptions rather than the rule.

3. Frequency: I encourage players to post as often as they are able. An active game with a high post count and frequent activity makes the game enjoyable for everyone. Players are expected to post at least five times in any given week, give or take a few posts.

3a. Exceptions: If you are having computer trouble, will be out of town, or otherwise are unable to post for a more extended amount of time please inform me so that I can NPC your character during combats and find an excuse as to their absence otherwise. If you have sudden computer problems and are unable to inform me ahead of time, try to get word to me or at least inform me why you were gone.

3b. Inactivity Removal: Any player who does not post at least once in one week will be put on probation. Players on probation have an additional week to inform as to the reason of their absence before being removed from the game. Players who inform me of their absence ahead of time do not risk being put on probation.

Combat Posting
1. Frequency:
Character are expected to post once per day per initiative round during combat. You have 24 hours to act in each initiative round before I NPC your character and move on. Players who cannot post once a day are encouraged to provide combat tactics for their character in the appropriate thread so that your character does not act in an inconsistent manner.

2. Combat Sequence: Players may post out of initiative order so long as they either act before their opponents or I have posted the opponent’s actions for that round. Players may only post one combat action per round, though may make additional posts of a roleplaying or corrective nature.

3. Movement: While in combat, please include the coordinates your character is moving to in your post (generally in an ooc tag) if they are needed and we're using a map. This enables me to place your character precisely on the battle map. If you do not list coordinates I will take my best guess and move in a manner that is most favorable to you.

4. What to Include: While in combat, please place your stat block at the bottom of your post in a spoiler box, using the following code: [spoiler=Stat Block][/spoiler) but be sure that you end the /spoiler] with a bracket not a parenthesis (). You are expected to keep an updated and readable stat block in your character sheet.

Following these posting rules will make the game run much more smoothly and quickly, so I encourage you to familiarize yourself with them. They’re not very complicated, so I expect my players to know my posting rules. Please make an effort to follow them.

You slipped, to claim victory in such a manner would be lacking honor...I would not have earned the right to lead. Besides I prefer to defeat my opponents the old fashion way...BRUTALLY!!
I was reading the threads you two were on and liked the way you wrote. I will work with you to get a back story that best fits into my world so as long as you are willing to listen to criticism you should be fine.

Awesome, thanks! And sounds good!

I'll post what I already wrote for Five and then we can work to tailor it for your world.

I forgot that I wasn't the only one who stalked thorugh people's threads and read over them XD.

I don't mind criticism. As long as most of it is PG-13 and doesn't generally comprise of hate, then I'm all for it.

Now, to design the gorilla guy...


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