Chapter 9: Thump, THUNK, Thump

Alelip circles the upper ramparts of the wall, keeping a keen
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 21)
eye and
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 23)
ear for any sign of life outside of the wall.

Marin keeps guard in her corner, even when her eyes dart to the sides from time to time and her mind wanders. But hse does her best to return to duty when she catches herself distracted

There is a
Anyone with a listen 15 or better can hear it
faint scraping noise as Leo checks underneath the roughly two foot square stone.

Alelip turns his head towards Leo and begins proceeding down towards his station.

Once he gets there, he asks, "What are you trying to do, bring down the fort brick by brick?"

Alelip arrives to see Leo staring down into a previously hidden shaft that descends through the center of the tower column, accessed from beneath the two foot by two foot square stone that the young warrior has tilted out of the way. Iron rungs along the north side of the vertical tunnel lead down into the dust-choked, shadowy passage.

Seeing Leo and Alelip huddled toghether, Marin gets closer curious. Seeing the opening of the tunnel she tries to see deeper peeking out her torch.

"Uhmm... Boss? Sorry for stating the obvious but, I really don't think this was on the original blueprints. Can I go exploring?" Marin asks to her superior trying to lighten the sudden tense moment and fighting the urge to show some "puppy eyes"

Alelip chuckles slightly, adding, "Somehow, Marin, I think you are right."

With years of practice, the chuckle and smirk quickly disappear off of his face. "Marin, get the Lieutenant, I want him to take a look at this. Leo, stay put right here for a moment."

After speaking, he steps off five steps away from Leo, then waves his torch in the general direction of Ken, signaling for him to come towards him.

Saluting quickly with her free hand, Marin first leaves her torch on her spot before running downstairs to the Lieutenant's place and knocks loudly three times.

As she waits for her superior, Marin takes a few breaths trying to compose herself

Ken is already on the way toward Alelip's position, for he did not stop his rounds as the corporal did. As he arrives on the scene, he takes one look at the find and his eyes widen. "Oh my, is that what I think it is?" he asks in nervous anticipation, his fresh face alight in the moon glow.

There's a pause below as Marin's knocks recede into silence. Finally, just before she is about to give up, there's a voice from behind the door. "Report," Lieutenant Wyndshof calls in a tired, but not altogether sleepy, voice.

"Sir, we've found something... a tunnel inside one of the corners of the wall" Reports Marins saluting him "Corporal Alelip ordered me to come to you"

As she stands down, she frowns slightly noticing, but after a moment she shruges discreetly "He must have been sleeping or at least trying to" she thinks, rememering to talk later with her brother


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