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Solid Mass Combat System for WWII-themed game

Solid Mass Combat System for WWII-themed game

I'm hoping there are one or two grognards out there who can point me out a simple but versatile mass combat system to use for a potential upcoming WWII-themed campaign. I have looked online and haven't found much that satisfies. I could try writing one, which I'm not afraid to do but I figure there must be a balanced system out there that will do this well so why reinvent the wheel? Not only that but anything I write will probably be unbalanced and over-complicated; requiring a lot of tweaking to make right.

My concept is to have the players be part of a larger combat force involved in the D-Day landing in Normandy. The players would engage in standard combat but the larger battle waging around them would be fought using mass combat rules (otherwise it would be hopelessly bogged down by the minutiae of standard combat rules). I intend for the game to be fun enough that good players re-join if their characters are killed early on; and I want the results of the large-scale combats to vary from game to game so it doesn't feel like a closely followed script.

I want the efforts of the PC's to affect the outcome of the larger-scale battles and vice versa (where it makes sense to).

At some point I intend to have the characters involved in vehicle combat (esp. tanks) as well; either as supporting infantry, engineers, drivers or gunners and would like to find a ruleset that is comprehensive enough to allow for clever tank-to-tank combat. A system that takes into account the weaknesses and strengths of Axis and Allied tanks would be preferred though I suppose anything can be tweaked.


The fate-based rpg Diaspora has a nice platoon-scale combat system.

Being based on fate, it can be molded easily into most systems.
Hope that helps or inspires your own version.


Might want to look at Savage Worlds. They have some decent mass combat, which lets the players take over some of the squads/units. And, with the Weird Wars setting, you get WWII gear stats for the game, no super natural elements required.

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