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Bloody Politics

Bloody Politics - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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Welcome to war, both political and on the batle field.

I am looking for interested players in what will be a sandbox-esque game of intrigue, murder, combat, and the deaths of characters.

Character creation details:
Statistics generation: 7m4d6v1r1 Take 6 best scores
Level: Start at level 2, after background, character concept, and even role in your kingdom this may rise before game even starts.
Allowable Classes/books: PHB 1&2, The Completes, EPH, UA, DMG NPC classes (strongly encouraged), Races of Destiny (for feats and PrCs), others on approval. Requests and reasons for wanting particular classes should be well thought out and placed in private tags.
Races Allowed: Primarily Humans, any others (dwarves, elves, half-elves) with great background and reasons for living in human dominated cities.
Note: Monsters and demihumans exsist, however the humans have become decidedly xenophobic of all other races.

Starting wealth: 1,500, nothing magical

Important: Posting rates should be >1/day, for those who cannot get on line certain days this does not exclude them, just means that much more reading and catching up when they return.

Originally Posted by Sabin View Post
If you are unhappy with your rolls, and I have seen a few that are sub par you may request a reroll, either edit your roll post with the request, or PM me and we will discuss the stats.

Game Description:

Bloody Politics

War has come to the world of humans as it often does, but the results of the outcome are up to you. Do you join the campaigning on the field of honor fighting for your life and kingdom or do you fight from within the arguably more dangerous field of battle, the political fight in royal courts?

Of the various kingdoms only one can rule supreme, will it be your own kingdom, or will everything you have come to love about your home crumble around your head? To avoid such a fate soldiers must die on the field of honor while politicians deal in dark corners of palaces making alliances with enemies to destroy a weaker foe. Assassinations run rampant in the palaces even as the battle fields become covered in blood. The dwarves have gone into their tunnels having seen this battle played out every generation, each time with a different winner while the elves hide in their forests ambushing armies that veer too close to their sacred lands. Either or both of the races could be persuaded to join the cause of a human lord, but as with any humanoid they require the right motivation to go to war.

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1500gp, but nothing magical. Thank you I almost forgot about that little tidbit. It is now in the add.


Would we all have to represent our own kingdom seeking power? If not, I'd be interested in a Rogue/Assassin-type doing another player's dirty work.

The name of the game is survival EnsNentill. If you wish to hire yourself out as an assassin type I am sure there will be players, maybe even NPCs that will require your help.


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