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Some New Roleplaying System

Some New Roleplaying System

Oh hey guys, Imp's coming up with a new role playing system meant to cover all genres. The name right now is RPGHAG - This Role Playing Game Has All the Genres.

Another is ImpRP - or improved roleplaying, or imp fireball's RP system. So tell me which dumb acronym you're the most fond of.

Links for content that needs honest review and critique

Brainstorm Version
Clarity Version

Character Sheet


It'd really help me out, thanks.

GURPS. Which pretty much serves the same function as your system.

What does your system offer that existing ones don't? Nothing, that I can see. A flexible system that fits all genres has been done many times. Nor do you offer any new mechanical twists that would make me want to try a new system as opposed to a tried-and-true one.

Are you trying to make a system because you don't know of one that fits a certain need of yours? Or are you just creating a system for the sake of creating a system?

@Cam and Zela,

I said the same thing. I'm pretty sure he just wants to create a system to say he did.

Personally I applaud someone's efforts at any creative endeavor simply because they are doing something they enjoy, although I agree that it's about as practical a thing to do as playing in a cover band when the original band is still touring. Even still, if my buddy plays in a Metallica cover band, I'll be happy because it makes him happy

@Imp, I wouldn't recommend either because neither rolls off the tongue very well.

the 'Clarity Version' link doesn't seem to be working for me
or rather, it directs to a google docs sign-in page rather than anything actually pertaining to an rpg (possibly a permissions issue?)

Why not get rid of the first acronym's "Has" and change "All" to "Multiple" to call it RPGMG? rpHAG in an acronym doesn't work, and if removing the H only it ends up as RPGAG; like oh my Gods; gag me with a D20!

That might actually be interesting as I don't like GURPS that much.

@Tedronai You need a google docs account to view. The permission is Public but only after you sign into goggle.

@impfireball Keep up the good work. Creating a new system if difficult and I applaud your effort. I have created systems before but never really bothered to post anything.

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