Recruiting for Death Upon the World

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Recruiting for Death Upon the World

Death Upon the World - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

The small town of Theron is looking for adventurers to fight against the evil which seems to be bubbling up from an old abandoned church within their town. These adventurers must be stout of heart and strong of will to stop the corruption which defiles the dead of the cemetery. What will they find down there? Only time will tell.

I'm looking for 6 players who can post once a day at least. I'm allowing psionics, but it's something I'm really unfamiliar with. I'm not looking for completely optimized characters. And such characters will be denied fairly soon. Post character applications in the forum as they won't be accepted anywhere else. And please read the house rules.

Character creation information

Beginning level: 3

Wealth: Standard for level no more than 1/2 gold spent on any one item.

Stat generation: 4d6r2v1

Books allowed

Races of except Faerun & Eberron
Book of Exalted deeds
Dragon Magic
Tome of Magic
Libris Mortis
Magic of Incarnium

Any questions ask.

Game Description:

Ephiria is normally a repetitively peaceful land. Though evil does arise from beneath the shadows it is usually put in place by great and wondrous heroes who throughout history rose up to face whatever the dregs the bubbling abyss throws at the group. Once again a call to arms has been sounded by a small village in the backwater town of Theron. Undead have been rising out of a supposedly cursed tomb. Now six adventurers have come together from diverse backgrounds to stop the diabolic cultists from advancing, unaware of the true intentions which lay in the tangled histories of a time before the empires of legend; A time when only the most primeval of gods were still infants themselves.

What happens when there are no wonders to be seen?
What happens when the poet cannot dream?

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I'm interested, I'll draw up a character when I get back from some errands I gotta run.

Posting interest, consider it done when I get home from work so I can access my books.

Posting interest as an Incarnum user. Leaning towards totemist. I've always wanted to try out that system.

I am getting an awsome Dioblo feeling from this. I'll post a Pally VERY soon.

Will you allow that variant that swaps mounts for supportive spirits? I don't recall the exact book, but if your not familiar with them I can let you know when I get to that part.

Also... What god does the church worship? I plan on making the pally a member of that religion for RP reasons.

Edit: Its the ACF "Divine Spirit" from DungeonScape. Page 11.

That's fine on the spirits instead of the mount

Edit: Pelor

I'm posting for interest. I'm want to play an exorcist type character but since optimized characters aren't allowed, it'd be unwise to play a cleric. Does anybody have a suggestion for another class that could fit the exorcist theme?

EDIT: Perhaps it'd be a good idea to 'weaken' my character by taking the cloistered cleric variant from unearthed arcana, is that allowed?

And what is your stance on divine metamagic. If I don't use it with the persist spell metamagic, is it still considered overpowered?


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