Nobles Needed for Save the Empire

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Nobles Needed for Save the Empire

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BackgroundThe Kingdom of Trimina is looking for adventurer's and minor nobles to be involved in an attempt to defend the Kingdom by becoming minor noble's themselves. King Reginald the Just is going to be personally recruiting people to lead several ventures to found minor baronies loyal to him. He expects people to be prompt for their reception.

This game is going to be a Pathfinder game with some other 3/3.5E additions to help with the kingdom portion of it. Characters will be responsible for founding their own minor baronies loyal to the King (or are they). The king will explain it all, but ultimately, he is creating more nobles in an effort to defend his kingdom and grow into unexplored land...

I'm going to be looking for between 4 to 8 people, though only 4 will be the true barons, others may be supporting characters for the barons (or spouses if that's your gig). The process of selecting characters will be done based on their suitability to be barons, not supporting roles. After all, if the baron dies, someone needs to take over.

I strongly suggest applicants read through the posts in the game forum and ask questions.

Game Description:

This is a custom game where it is a mix of Pathfinder and AEG-Empire. Players will be minor nobles fighting to save their kingdom. Succeed and the King will reward you handsomely - if he lives. Fail and game over.

I'm constantly updating information in the game thread, so you can always look for new or updated information there.

Posting interest, my buddy and I may be applying as a pair, if so could we be a noble/adviser set, or some variant thereof?

Like the sound of this one. Did play a similar game before a long time ago in pnp and it was a lot of fun.

Would like to apply as a Baroness.


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