Openings for a Sneaky-types game

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Openings for a Sneaky-types game

City of Opportunity - Forum
Ad Closes: May 25 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Looking for some sneaky-types for my pathfinder RPG

I already have 3 players, and I'm looking for 2 more.

Character Info:
1) You start at lvl 5, feel free to use any pathfinder books/expansions
2) I'm not very worried about party balance. It's nice but not required. You can all be rouges if you want...
3) Some sneaky-type skills are required. The game takes place in a city with very efficient guards. When you are caught, you will end up in a nice strong jail.
4) The game takes place on the medium-sized island of Fuldur, you cannot be from this island. The game starts with you travelling to this island.

The game will not start until June 22, so you have plenty of time to work on your character. I can run a individual mini-adventure prior to the actual game for those that get their characters done early.

Once we have all the players, we'll work on establishing a posting schedule.
Min: 3x a week

Game Description:

On the beautiful island of Fuldur, lies the glorious city of Magada. A city so lawful that they don't even have a thieves guild! All the cities on the mainland are getting so full of rules thieving isn't any fun anymore. Magada seems like a perfect place to ply your trade without interference.

A Pathfinder game for all types of rogues.

My software never has bugs, it just develops random features

-going on vacation, be back the 22nd!
I'm definitely interested, and it's nice to know there's a healthy buffer before I have to be ready to roll. I'll get to work on drawing up a character.

posting interest: I can play a CN Gnome Alchemist. I take it we'll be starting with no flaws, with 10,500g in gear?

Thanks guys for the interest!

daemonar-I'll look up the rules for that when I get home from work and get back to you

If theres still room, I would be interested in trying.

well, that's 4 people interested and two spots... the first two people to give me character ideas that I like will get in.

I tried to send a private message to Daen, and I'm not sure if it went through - my message box isn't showing any outgoing messages, so I'll post my character concept here:

Character concept: As a gnome, alchemist Glimnab Dinoaen Vareskor Fastdrinker Van O'Harley (known as Glimnab to his associates and Fastdrinker to his friends), was born a troublemaker. He always enjoyed explosions, fire, alcohol, and practical jokes involving them; he started brewing his own alcohol [Craft: alchemy?] and invented the Vanakaer, a potently flammable alcoholic shot that tastes of wildberries, when he was just a lad and was accepted into the prestigious Chemist's College on the basis of that alone. Now a graduated alchemist, he plans on traveling the world to find interesting things to blow up and interesting chemicals to imbibe - at the College, Glimnab developed a voracious appetite for various drugs, and while he excels at their creation he desires to try every different one available.

I would RP him as being drunk or high much of the time, and though brilliant sometimes his love of chemicals (and fire!) would get the better of him and he'd make stupid decisions (high Int, medium Dex Cha Con, low Wis Str). His sneakiness would be evident in his stealthily placing alchemical bombs into opponents' pockets without them noticing (Sleight of Hand check), and watching them blow up - a "practical joke," that ends in a fun explosion!

I have added my character to the Character Creation forum

Lawful evil - handsome, but deadly - Looking to become an Assassin at the next level.


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