Re-recruitment for Star Wars Saga high lvl, high posting frequency game

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Re-recruitment for Star Wars Saga high lvl, high posting frequency game

Star Wars Saga:Empire Era - High Lvl High Post Count Gam - Forum
Star Wars Saga
Estimated Members Requested: 4

I find myself in some need of more players for a high lvl, high posting frequency Star Wars Saga game set in the time of the early rebellion, 19 BBY.

The game is story -driven with few, but very bloody combats (4 til now, game running since 17th of June)

Characters are to be submitted here: link
The main game thread is here: link
The ooc is here: link
And my review of submitted characters is here: link
You might want to read the archive to find out the start of the game as well: link

Game Description:

After playing several star wars games that I felt wasn't the way I'd run things, I've decided to make a game myself.

I'm expecting at least one post each day from every player!
Pre-announced absence and emergencies are fine, but send me a pm or tell about them!

I'm expecting half a page of well thought out background for each character
I want you to write in 10 contacts, 2-5 enemies and 2-5 friends in the background. These should not simply be the characters from the movies! Come up with original contacts or use minor characters. And I mean really minor (so not Yoda)
Characters will be picked on basis of background and interesting character concept

I'm not a star wars fan. I thought the movies was ok, and I've not read through all the fluff. I can't guarantee that all will be canon, but I'll try to stick to it as much as possible
I like it as a game setting, and I like the Jedi concept

The short backstory
You might have been purged from the Navy, an Independent Systems supporter, a Jedi persecuted after Order 66 or protester of Palpatines politics, and now the Empire is out to crush you.

On your own you can stand and fight some time, as you're a great hero. Still, you need to sleep some time, and you can't be on several planets at the same time. You need to find allies and you need to organize something powerful enough to oppose the Emperor.

The backstory of the character should end with him or her arriving on Nar Shadaa due to a rumor of someone, and the someone seems not to be the official inquisition at least, kidnapping force sensitive children and bringing them to the Smugglers Moon

The game will develop independently from the story in the original movies and there is no resistance, no Leia and no Luke Skywalker.

Character creation

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sure. Just start with the background and fluff, as I check character mechanics only on approved characters

Okay, no problem.
12 levels should be more than enough to get the healer part down and still leave plenty of room for fluff and other stuff.

Originally Posted by Agent of Whispers View Post
Question: Can we take levels in the Jedi Knight PrC if the Order didn't exist anymore at the time we reached that "level"? As in we were trained by someone who was once a Jedi, but since the order is no more...
Becomming a jedi knight does not depend on it being a functional Jedi Order.
You have to train with someone following the jedi tradition, like Luke trained with Obi-Wan and later with Yoda to qualify for the class, but the Jedi Order can be disbanded.
So in this game, the Jedi Knight prestige class is available, but a character will have to find a Jedi Master to qualify for the Jedi Master prestige class

Eh... yeah, sorry. Guess I got lost in the amount of links and information around here. Which is a good thing, I guess.
And thanks, I'll write down the background and such then. What I got in mind should work out crunch-wise, so... time to dive into the fluff.

Oh, and in the submission discussion thread you said you weren't sure how likely an Imperial blockade of Nar Shaddaa would be... well, while the game is somewhat AU-ish and not perfectly cancon... in canon there was an attempt by the Empire to crack down on Nar Shaddaa to show the hutts who's the boss and that they couldn't just do what they wanted to do.

The smugglers defeated the Empire, but the commander of the Imperial fleet had been both bribed by the hutts and had orders from the Emperor himself who wanted to discredit and get rid of the sector moff.

Do you have a link to that story part? I'd really like to read up on it (and then the blockade will be in the game) as I can use it for some fun things

Can't post links yet (meh), but if you go to Wookieepedia and search for "Battle of Nar Shaddaa" the article should be displayed.

thank you.
Now, the blockade happened in 4 BBY, while the game is set in 19 BBY, the same year as Order 66 (although at the end of that year, so there's been some time since the order)

Yeah, I know. Just wanted to mention that it isn't that unlikely for the Empire to act against the smugglers' moon and something could have happened in this version of the Star Wars universe.


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