New to 4th Edition? This Game is for YOU!

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New to 4th Edition? This Game is for YOU!

Living Forgotten Realms - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e
Ad Closes: Apr 17 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 5

IntroductionCaptain Arol of the Army of the Green Drake, the commander of the Watchwall, is looking for adventurers for a special mission into the Tannath Mountains. The Watchwall protects Aglarond from the monstrous inhabitants of the Umber Marshes, and it is always undermanned. Captain Arol thinks he may have found some new recruits who, while inexperienced, may be exactly what he needs...

[What is this game?]
This is a game specifically created for player who are new to 4th edition D&D. Several Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) adventures will be used to teach game mechanics while providing opportunity for roleplay and character development. The game will start with “Silver Lining” by Brad Gardner (AGLA 1-5), and progress through a number of modules until everyone understands how 4th edition works.

  • Provide a character concept that is at most one paragraph. I am specifically asking for no mechanics at this time. We will all be building characters together in the game forum to make sure any questions are answered as they come up.
  • Tell me about your experience with D&D, PbP, RPG, and anything else you would like me to know.

[Selection Process]
  • The ad closes in one week on the 17th of April, 2011, at 10pm.
  • I can take between 4 and 6 players total. Thank you, Khakhan, for your thread in Game Planning to get this started.
  • If you have experience with 4th edition you may apply, but only if you have patience and are willing to help teach the mechanics to newer players.
  • As players come and go, slots may open up. I envision that this could become an ongoing, newbie-friendly game that welcomes in players new to 4th edition whenever we experience player turnover.

  • Please post your application (including character concept and experience) in this thread using spoilers.
  • You don't need to be familiar with 4th edition classes to apply to this game, though it will necessary for you to have access to 4th edition rulebooks/materials.
  • Just a note about character concepts, because most everyone seems to struggle with this a little. Include some, all, or more than the following in paragraph form:
    • little quirks that will come out in roleplay
    • an idea of how old your character is
    • a specific trait or ability that they are especially good at
    • does your character know someone that had a significant event happen to them?
    • why does your character want to go all over Faerun?
    • Please note that I specifically do not want to know your character class, build, or any other mechanical aspect at this time.

Game Description:

This game will feature a string of episodic adventures touring Faerun, allowing those new to 4th Edition to learn the mechanics and have some fun roleplay in the meantime. Due to the module-based nature of the material, this game can run for as long or as short as we like, at our discretion. It will also be possible for players to come in and out as real-life demands shift over time.

The LFR Campaign Guide contains all the information you need to start out in a living campaign...everything else we can figure out together!

Want to get in on the fun? Join the game as a reader to be added to the waiting list for players. As soon as a viable opening occurs, you will be notified and invited to step in as a player.

Please note:
Any readers who have not signed onto the site for one (1) month will be removed from the waiting list, effective October 1, 2011.

Back to Work - Still posting 1x/day most days. Apologies for any delays!

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I have never played in faerun before. But i am trying to get to know 4e better. I have only been able to learn a little from reading the books, now i need to play it. And for Clarification, Race doesn't count as mechanics correct?

EDIT: Faerun or Eberron = Spell scars? *Can never remember*

@ Valeiru,
Spellscars are Forgotten Realms [FR] going by the character builder. A google link provided this page over at Wizards. Uhm, to quote a rivial forum user: "A spellscar is simply exposure to the Spellplague, or equivalent in other campaign settings. If you've been exposed, and DM and Player agree, then you have a spellscar." Thou that of course depends on what the DM here has in mind and the like.


Posting interest. I had recently finished nwn2 and was hoping for some sort of FR campaign. Read about 4th edition but never really played it, so this game is basically two birds with one stone for me.

Do we post the character concept here or somewhere else?

Valeiru: Race does not specifically count as mechanics. If you are telling me that you want to be an elven avenger, that is very different from telling me that you want to be an elf who has certain personality quirks (which may lead him to become an avenger at some point). The idea is that you don't need to be familiar with 4th edition classes to apply to this game, though it will necessary for you to have access to 4th edition rulebooks/materials.

Faultylogic, et al: Post your application (including character concept and experience) in this thread using spoilers.

Hey, CM. It's been a while.

One setting question. Is Lliira (goddess of joy, song, celebration, dance, etc.) still around? I'm considering playing one of her priestesses. (Or, if she's dead, a priestess of Sharess, Sune, or Eilistraee, again if they're alive, and, failing that, maybe Sheela Peryroyl, and if they're all dead... well... I'll need to go digging for not-dead gods.)

In other news, wouldn't it be easier on you to make an application folder in the game forum? It seems like it'd be a lot less digging.

Well, since I missed you, I'll just assume Lliira's still around I'm wrong, I'll fix it tomorrow.

And Frost, CM's looking for fluffy bits right now, not crunchy bits.

Oh darn, I've just spent all day cramming D&D books into my skull as a newbie, and now I see this thread.


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