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MW PbP GM Guide: Example Advertisement Formating

MW PbP GM Guide - Forum
GURPS - Fantasy


The Capital City of Tormauz in the Kingdom of Tormauz

Setting Music

Posting Requirement: Players will be required to post at least once every other day. Periods of extended absence should be announced ahead of time in the OOC thread. If an emergency causes a player to go missing they will be put into "passive mode" by the GM, offering minimal interaction and inferior combat tactics. Consistent extended unannounced absences may lead to removal from the game.

Setting: The setting is a home brew campaign that has been extensively developed for nearly two decades by many GM's and Players and is known as the World of L'Tiene. Note: It is not recomended you attempt to read through the entire wiki at this time as you may spoil many plot elements. Based on your character concept the GM will recommend certain pages to you.

The world of L'Tiene is a unique fantasy game rich in setting and history. The setting has been in development with several GM's since 1994 (estimated) and is run by an experienced GM with role-playing experience going back to 1992 and has been involved in PBP since 2007. This game has been in regular session since 2008 and our group is committed to telling an excellent story.

Estimated Group size: Currently we have 4 players and are seeking one more excellent player for a well rounded five man troop.

Requested Character Type: After consulting the players they have decided we are in need of a strong warrior "meat shield" type that should also be sociable, yet also knowledgeable about the underground criminal elements in the city.

House Rules: Please see the HOUSE RULES thread. Please note this game is story heavy and mechanics light. Mechanics are used during encounters of import, but less important activities are generally given free reign by the PC's with only occasional corrections from the GM if continuity or plot issues arise.

Home Brew Outline:

Plot/Campaign Outline:

Background Requirements: Characters must not be from Khenzil Keep and must post 500-5000 words of background as well as a character portrait.

Additional PC Requirements: First time GURPS players are welcome to apply, but system experience is preferred.
At least one year of experience on PBP is also preferred Must have access to GURPS: Characters in 4e version, GURPS "Magic" and "Fantasy" supplements are also highly recommended. Additional book access is allowed but not required. You must have your character sheet set to editable for the GM.

How to apply for this game: Post interest here, and then follow up with a personal message to me with a character concept pitch and any other details you wish to include. I will then take any potential candidates to the players who will each have a vote in which player will join us as well as my vote that will count as a tie breaker if needed.

LINKS: Remember, you can always get a free copy of the GURPS LITE rules HERE



Game Description:

Welcome to the Myth-Weavers Play-By-Post Game Master Guide.

To view the GM Guide in full, please navigate HERE.

This Game is set up specifically to provide examples that are consistent with the formating of the MW PbP forums where in certain cases the wiki formatting may not be sufficient.

We hope this tool will be helpful/enlightening to all of you GM's out there.


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