4E Courts of the Shadow Fey

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4E Courts of the Shadow Fey

Courts of the Shadow Fey - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Ad Closes: Apr 21 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 5

A Journey to the Shadow Realm

Some say the world is white and blank. Others say the world is a black abyss.

Half black, half white. Half sorrow, half joy. Half living, half a ghost.

The Realm of Shadows is neither one thing nor another; it is a place of halves. One may think of it as half regret, half done, half dead. But it is just as fair to say half rich, half cured, half won.

The shadows are a place of neither pure evil nor pure good but only that muddle where true balance lies, where lives are rich and sad and complicated. Half villains and half heroes who strive but never win. But who never quite lose.

This is the tale of five who dared travel from the mortal world and into the heart of darkness itself. Their journey begins in Zobeck, a thriving mercantile city that suddenly finds itself under new masters, the cruel and cunning shadow fey. The city's only hope: those that can outfight and outwit these dark overlords in their realm, employing their very own tools of treachery and deceit.
The DM and the adventureThat'd be me, Sandster. I've been a part of MW for almost three years as a DM and a player. Love the community and the caliber of players I've found here.

This is the D&D 4th Edition adventure Court of the Shadow Fey developed by Wolfgang Baur of Open Design, which I am currently running for my RL group. If you dig the Shadowfell, courtly combat and sandbox roleplaying, this one's for you.
Applicant InfoI'm looking for dedicated posters capable of creating compelling, well-realized characters and writing coherently. I want players who are committed to the game, who are proactive in pushing the story forward, who read materials, and are courteous and respectful of others. I'm looking for folks capable of at least 3-4 posts a week minimum.

Starting Level: Level 12.

Stats and Starting Equipment: 22-point buy, and the standard level 12 spread of: 1 level 13 item, 1 level 12 item, 1 level 11 item + 13,100 gp. You also get an Expertise feat of your choice for free.

Allowed Materials: I'm OK with most anything from DDI, but I reserve the right to veto cheese if I sniff it. That said, I do have a few things I'm disallowing right off the bat:

Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Scales of War backgrounds
Dark Sun Themes
Dragonmarked Feats

No mechanical changes to powers (e.g. damage type) please, but you are free to refluff everything to your liking.

Deadline: Thursday, April 21, 12 midnight PST. Decisions to be posted by Monday the 25th at the latest.
Application Requirements: Applications should include a character write-up with description and background, using the template below.


If you've made it this far, you will note a couple other important requirements from the template, specifically:

Four Aspects: I am also requiring applicants to submit 4 Aspects as part of their submission. This is a mechanic stolen from FATE-based games (Spirit of the Century, Dresden Files, etc). Aspects are simple phrases that you would use to up everything important about your character. In this game, I would like the following Aspects:
1. A Defining Aspect - this ideally should answer several questions:
  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Where do you come from?
  • What makes you unique and distinctive?
2. Ambition - What do you seek? What is your goal?
3. Background - What is there from your past that will influence your future?
4. Conviction - Where do you draw the line? What do you believe in?
Each Aspect you list down must be concise statement, broad enough to be tapped into (Invoked or Compelled in the parlance of FATE rules) to give you or the DM mechanical and storytelling power.

Here's an example:
Defining Aspect: Resurrected Kalahasti Defender of Legend
Ambition: Restore the Glory of Arkhosia
Background: Unwavering Servitor of Bahamut
Conviction: Honor Above All Things

I am still mulling over the final version of the porting of the Aspects into 4e, but these should be completed by the time applicants are selected.

Business, or pleasure? You need a reason for your character to be in Zobeck, which is detailed in the game forum.

Place completed ads in the appropriate thread in the forum as well.

Accepted players will be linked together, either as current adventuring companions, or as acquaintances made during their rise to Paragon tier.

Game Description:

The Shadow Fey arrive and turn the city of Zobeck upside down. So begins the looking-glass adventure that takes Paragon-tier adventurers into the Plane of Shadows.

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#&%^#@!, Sandster.

Is the Essentials up date to Sneak Attack in play for this game?

Ugh...weeks of barren desert as far as 4e goes. Then suddenly everyone decides to put up something I simply can't resist. Sigh!

I've been looking for a good paragon-tier game, and the fey always pique my curiousity. The setting looks like one in which I'd finally feel comfortable playing an Artificer; but I'll play around with a few character concepts before I commit myself.

I'm very excited! Philadelphia is sort of a D&D wasteland, and I've been looking for a good game to get into. This looks like the perfect opportunity. Plus, I've come up with a character I'm super excited to play. It's i the application forum.

Pick me! Pick me!


I have to say I LOVE gray morality entirely too much. Expect me to do some reading and some thinking.

Name: Yiltendanarinos Quellya'Elldynrna
Race: Gnome
Class: Warlock(Fey Pact)/Fey Trickster


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