The Hunt--a Hunter: The Vigil demo game

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The Hunt--a Hunter: The Vigil demo game

The Hunt - Forum
World of Darkness
Ad Closes: Apr 24 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Welcome to the world of Darkness!

The Hunt is a Hunter: The Vigil game demo put out by white wolf Publishing. It's intended to give new Players and Story Tellers a taste of the Hunter template, and includes all of the rules, notes, and variations needed to play the game. The module is free, and can be downloaded at RPG Drive Thru.

Your Story Tellers are Exewon and myself. We're both new to the World of Darkness system, and wanted to learn how to run a game. Although we're both familiar with the rules and character creation, this will be as much of a learning experience for us as it will be for the players, so through the game we'll accept and encourage constructive criticism and advice.

The Purpose of this game is for new players to get a handle on the rules for World of Darkness. We welcome experienced players as well--in fact, your presence in the game is appreciated! If you have little or no experience in World of Darkness, please apply; we'll be describing the rules as we go. If you have lots of experience, please apply; we'll be encouraging you to help the rest of us learn!
This game will be held in ArcaneDesperado's School of Darkness forum, where folks can gather to ask questions about the WoD system. So expect this game to be a concrete example of play.

The Characters of the module, being a demo, are pre-generated and ready to go. We'll be accepting applications mostly based on interest, willingness to learn/teach, and role-playing ability. World of Darkness is an RP heavy system with simple mechanics; it's much more about the story than it is about rolling dice, so you'll be encouraged to get deeply involved with your character! They are:

Lt. Vince Gabreski: (Filled) A gang member turned cop, and now leader of the Special Cases Unit in Philadelphia.
Raimundo Guttierez: A gang member who never got out, and rose to lead his own crew.
Karl Rivers: A one time investigative reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer who was fired for promoting his wild conspiracy theories.
Sgt. Andrea Taggart: Another in a long family line of cops, she rose the ranks with Gabreski, and is now his right hand woman.
Det. Jack Dean: A detective with a rough upbringing who's out to fight the Good Fight, jaded though he's become.

We've accepted one player, and are looking for four more. In your application (which can be put into this thread--please keep it to your first post so it's easy for us to find), let us know your experience with World of Darkness (and with Hunter in particular), your experience with Game Mastering (or Story Telling in WoD in particular) if any, and which character you'd like to play. But most importantly, tell us why you're interested in playing with a couple of newbies. Do you want to learn alongside us? Do you want to teach as you can? Or are you just looking for a good story?

Any players who apply but are not accepted are more than welcome to join us as readers.

Application template:

[Spoiler=Experience in WoD/Hunter][/Spoiler]
[Spoiler=Experience with GMing or STing][/Spoiler]
[Spoiler=Character you'd like to play][/Spoiler]
[Spoiler=Why are you interested in this game?][/Spoiler]

Finally, no prior knowledge is required to play in this game. The demos are there specifically to give new players a taste of WoD without them having to go out and buy a bunch of material first. You won't even need this module if you want to play: all of the relevant game material will be made available to you. If you want to pick up the module, please do, but don't read the story if you're intending to play: you'll ruin the surprise for yourself!

If you have any questions, please let us know. We want this to be as informative and enjoyable for everyone as we can. Thanks for your interest, and post away!

Game Description:

Lt. Vince Gabreski, Sgt. Andrea Taggart, and Dets. Jack Dean and Darnell Waters belong to the Special Cases Unit, created by the Mayor's Office to help stem the growth of gangs in the city of Philadelphia. Recently, they were contacted byAgent Carver of Taskforce: VALKYRIE, and asked to follow up on some strange activity at a downtown warehouse. In their first supernatural encounter, they came up across a group of Ghouls--and Waters didn't make it back.

The Hunt begins as your cell--including gang leader Raimondo and washed up journalist Karl--is asked to investigate a murder.

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Folks, sometimes we make mistakes. This is one of those times. Y'all can blame me if you want, since I misread a private message and this forum. Game is open again, and I do apologize for the mix-up.

Since the thread was closed for only 1/2 an hour I doubt anyone has the right to get to ruffled about it. Glad you had the chance to respond quickly Ruben

It's okay Ruben. I apologize too for any confusion in the whole matter, as it was my forum here on the site that was intended to host it. I'm glad that everything was able to be resolved quickly and without any real hassle. The Mods here have a lot on their plates, and generally do a hell of a good job given the workload involved.

Well, it's still embarrassing when this happens. But I'd much rather look a fool than shut down a quality game for the sake of my pride.

Also, I'll point out that I've played a fair bit of hunter and would be happy to help anyone who had questions (though I suspect that's well covered).

A proper game ad is posted directly from the correct forum now, by myself advising the other two as the STs. If a mod would like to wave their magic wand to correct the current issue.

Thanks, everyone, for your help and patience in clarifying this issue. I admit my own wording certainly makes it look like it's being held off site, so that's my bad. Chalk it up to experience!

Now that ArcaneDesperado has set up another thread/ad that links directly to his forum, which was the intent in the first place, I'll close this thread.

To anyone who's already applied in this thread: please re-post your application in the new thread so we have everything in one place. I'd hate to have missed anyone's application!

Mod Note: I've moved all the original posts to the new thread. You can find it here:
New Application Thread

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