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Illusion Ability(Powers) question

Illusion Ability(Powers) question

I'm coming up with a idea for a character, but I'm stuck on one thing: the Illusion disguise the character would have.
I'm not sure if one could use the Illusion ability from GURPS Powers to create a illusion around yourself as a disguise.
I know that worse comes to worse I just get some magery, and Illusion Disguise spell out of Magic would do fine(with a Complex Illusion, which would also cover the illusion vanishing when the user is damaged), but I'm wondering if one could use the Illusion Ability to do the same thing.

Yes you can. It even suggests it somewhere, although I can't for the life of me remember where.

Cool. I figured you could, I just wasn't sure. What I think something implies doesn't always match up with the facts.

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