BattleTech / BattleForce

BattleTech / BattleForce

Would people be interested in a BattleForce 2 campaign? It takes the BattleTech rules, abstracts them and allows relatively quick and easy play with large (8+) numbers of 'Mechs. The system itself is fairly straight forward and easy to explain if you don't have a copy of the rules, which can be acquired online for about 5 bucks anyway.

The campaign could cover struggles internal to the inner sphere, conflicts between or the clan invasion itself. The system is compatible with the normal BattleTech system as well as the RPG, so a mercenary focused campaign would also work.

Would love some Battletech, have heard nothing but great stuff from the system. One snag, no books in hand...
Digitals? Skype to me? Id be all over it if I could. $5 grumble grumble. You have a link?

I love Battletech through and through, though applying the rules to PbP has always seemed a bit show-stopping.

The rules are simplified, since there are so many more units in play - I think that it should be much more amenable to PbP games than standard BattleTech. But you can still generate custom/salvaged 'Mechs if it takes your fancy, then convert them into the BattleForce 2 mechanic.

Count me in if this gets going... Or for Robotech, too.

I've always been interested in battletech but I've never gotten a chance to look over any of the rulesets. I'll be honest I'm hesitant to spend money on a system I don't know if I like yet. Would you mind giving me a hint on what kind of system this is? D20, d6, etc?

The rolling is 2d6 based IIRC, Battle Force 2 is purely a strategic/tactical game. The classic battletech RPG is a different beast, which I'd use if people wanted to focus on their individual commanders occasionally in a way that needs them to have stats.

Well, I think that's enough interest. Which period would people be interested in?

Reasonably it splits down into before the FedCom civil war, during the FedCom civil war, during the clan invasion or after the clan invasion.

It'll determine the type of 'Mechs available amongst other things.

Alternatively, could go for an entire clan based game but I think the generic 'group of mercenaries forming a company' has better legs.


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