"They're Our Only Hope?": Classic Star Wars Seeks Players

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"They're Our Only Hope?": Classic Star Wars Seeks Players

They're Our Only Hope - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Rebellion Era
Ad Closes: May 20 '11
Estimated Members Requested: 4

UPDATE: This game is now closed to new applicants. Thank you to all those who applied!

UPDATE: Note the change in the application deadline from Friday, May 20th to Friday, May 13th. Thanks!

Welcome to "They're Our Only Hope?", a galaxy-spanning campaign following the adventures (and mishaps) of a band of heroes throughout the Rebellion Era! Characters will have the chance to battle the evil Galactic Empire, evade nefarious bounty hunters, and aid the growing Rebel Alliance as they participate in a series of episodic adventures. Expect fast-paced leveling, a light-hearted tone, and heroic, underdog action.

I, beeblebrox, will serve as your GM. I have been playing and GMing Star Wars for about six years now, mostly in PbP settings.

Interested players should post to this thread. All character applications should include name, sex, species, class, and a brief background. When writing a background, note that the characters will begin at the 1st level and that the campaign will start prior to the destruction of Alderaan. Game mechanics and character sheets will be dealt with after players are selected. Droids and Force-sensitives are allowed. Players will be expected to post 3-4 times a week, regardless of the stage of the plot. The ad will close on Friday, May 13th. I will review the applications over the weekend and make my final decision by that Monday. For earlier discussion, see this thread.

Thanks for your time! If you have any questions, comments, or discussion, feel free to post on this thread. May the Force be with you!

Game Description:

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….




Tensions are high throughout the galaxy. With the dissolution of the Imperial Senate, the glory of the Galactic Republic has been all but forgotten. Imperial troops descend upon innocent planets at the whim of their leader, the dreaded Darth Vader.

Entire species are enslaved as the evil Galactic Empire expands their gargantuan fleet. Every day a new planet looses its freedom. One of these planets is frigid Orto, home to the Ortolans and a popular rest stop on the Rimma Trade Route.

As Empire’s legions enforce martial law, thousands of spacers find themselves trapped on the planet, searching for any means of escape….

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Hmmm, certainly posting interest. Perhaps a pilot type - if there will be space combat that is

Re Ham Solo: Space combat will certainly be a part of this campaign! And if there does end up being a character focused primarily on piloting, I can ensure you that I will work to include more space scenes. I plan on tailoring each encounter and adventure to suit the party, so feel free to apply with any specialization you want.

I am quite interested. Always love Saga games. I'm -extremely- versatile in what I enjoy...So, here's a couple potentials based on group dynamic:

Mandalorian Soldier, working in tandem with the Rebellion to fight against the Empire and free his Homeworld.

Ex-Imperial Officer turned to the Rebellion.

Young Padawan whose Master was slain and has nowhere else to turn.

Those are my "Preferred" options at least. Can make characters for any of them fairly easily...I'm kinda leaning towards being at least semi-Pilot or at least Gunner, and heck...would be awesome if we could form our own version of the Wraith Squadron...Pilots capable of Special Forces Missions.

How do you feel about other force using traditions? Everyone always tries to go Jedi, or force using soldier or scout, but I was hoping to maybe go Witch of Dathomir, or maybe even a Seyugi Dervish.


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