Dance of the Blackfyre

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Dance of the Blackfyre

Dance of the Blackfyre - Forum
Song of Ice and Fire - Westeros
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Dance of the Blackfyre

Hallo! This game will be taking place in the setting made popular by George RR Martin's acclaimed series, "A Song of Ice and Fire", during a turbulent era known as the "Blackfyre Rebellion".

If you are new to the setting, or a fan who hasn't delved too deeply into the lore of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms, the Blackfyre Rebellion was a war instigated by a a bastard son of a dead king, with the aim of dethroning his half brother. It takes place roughly 150 years before the time of the popular books and TV show, and as such fairly free of spoilers.

About MeI am an avid roleplayer and fantasy reader, as well as an all around lore buff. The setting George RR Marting has created is, in my mind, a perfect one for role playing. I feel it important to say a little something about my goals, and feelings, before going into anymore depth with the idea.

I love low fantasy, which fits in perfectly with the setting. Magic, and all that goes with it, exists, but it always on the peripheral of the world. Just beyond reach. I find that fairly appealing in todays over saturated fantasy environment. This game, and setting, are one of political intrigue and bloody warfare. My hope, is to place a cast of player characters int he very center of the drama, to help players craft and create characters just as powerful as those of the source material.

What this means, generally, is I expect a high quality of writing from not only the players, but myself. For me, tabletop gaming, or in this instant PbP gaming, is about role playing and storytelling first, and game mechanics second. That isn't to say they aren't important, or that don't have their place, but I try not to get too caught up in worrying about the details when it comes to ensuring that the game is enjoyable, and most importantly compelling, for the players.

With this, I generally would like to see, roughly, 5 posts a week. I am a bit of a lurker, so can assuredly do more, but 5 solid bits of writing is a fairly respectable, and doable, goal.

The CrunchThe game will be played using Green Ronni's "A Song of Ice and Fire" Role playing game rule set. Character creation will be performed as per standard according to the age of your character.

Restrictions: I am not sure if anyone even has the desire for this, but I won't be accepting characters from the "Youth", "Adolescent", "Old", "Very Old", or "Venerable" age sets, unless the character is really outstanding despite the age limitation.

With that in mind, I also would like to encourage well rounded characters. Try to keep things reasonable. There can't be that many skill 7 swordsmen in Westeros.

Beyond those two things, I am open to any ideas. Most of the time frame is fairly open to molding from you, the players. If you would like to play the Head of house Lannister, a banner man to House Stark, one of the lesser Targaryen Bastards, or just a hedge knight looking for honor, it is fine with me.

Application Format: If you would please fill out the following, and create your own personal application thread int he application section of the game, I will do my best to get a feel for your character, and aid you in any way I can!

Motivations, Virtues, Vices:

Physical Description: (Pictures are always nice)

Personality: A good paragraph or two, really letting me get the feel for your character. I want to know what makes them tick. How they act, what they want, their dreams, etc.

Background: Now that I know who they are, I want to know where they came from and how they got the way they are. The more the better here.

Plot Hooks and Destiny: Where do you see the character developing? This doesn't have to be set in stone, but some possible ideas. It's always fun to speculate, and just gives me an idea of what you envision for the character.

A bit of RP: Just something from the point of view of your character. It doesn't have to be long, although I certainly won't object if so. Be creative!

Crunch: If you are the type who feels the need, do so here. But if you are more concerned with story and concept, don't worry about stats and such. It isn't a prerequisite to get in.

The Plot Thickens You, the characters, will be faced with the difficult choice of the time. Do you side with the rightful king, or the charismatic usurper? Do you seek your own personal glorify, or make sacrifices for the betterment of your house and realm?

I hesitate to the use the word "sandbox", since that comes laden with connotations I don't mean to imply. However, the game won't be entirely linear, but neither will it be completely open ended. It will follow the trajectory of the build up to the war, the war itself, and the years following it's conclusion.

The last bit! There really isn't a hard deadline. I will be accepting players until I am satisfied with the cast of characters.

Feel free to field any questions or comments!

Game Description:

In 184 AL Aegon IV Targaryen, king of Westeros legitimized all of his bastards as he lay dying. Among these men and women, who would become known as "Great Bastards", were Aegor "Bittersteel" Rivers, Shiera Seastar, Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers, and most importantly Daemon Blackfyre. These four "Great Bastards" entered into the line of succession after Aegon IVs heir, Daeron II.

The year is 194 AL, ten years since the death of Aegon IV and rise of his bastards. Tension runs high in Westeros, as the kings legitimacy to the throne is called into question. Some whisper that Daeron relies too heavily on his Dornish queen, Myriah Martell. Others talk of his mothers affection for his Uncle, Aemon the Dragonknight, questioning as to who was really his father.

King's landing is the center of this, as forces begin jockeying for power in the kingdom, the tides of war on the rise as the Dance of Blackfyre begins.

Dean: Honestly, I think the world's going to end bloody. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't fight. We do have choices. I choose to go down swingin'.

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A Bump to send it to the top of the page.

Hmm I'm trying to work on a concept with a background and such...but thus far with working on another AGOT D20 character and his background I'm having a difficult time. Will try to get something posted over the next couple of days.

Could you elaborate on how this game will work. Will these be a series of personal threads that may / may not intersect? If this is meant to be a party centric game, how is it that the characters stick together (the application process seems too open for characters to have any reasonable link to each other)?

Originally Posted by Furious5k View Post
Could you elaborate on how this game will work. Will these be a series of personal threads that may / may not intersect? If this is meant to be a party centric game, how is it that the characters stick together (the application process seems too open for characters to have any reasonable link to each other)?
I envisioned it work as a bit of both. That is to say, I am not going to force players to group together into a party at the very beginning, but rather will bring them together through the story. If that makes sense. So, an example of how I see it developing might be

- A Few prologue threads in the beginning, followed by some private/small group introduction threads
- Then people's private stories are brought together around the central story. Say, one person's private goal is to become head of their house, the public story being the Blackfyre rebellion. The character then has to work towards the private goal through the public goal. If that makes sense.

So, in a way, there will be a sort of limited freedom in how characters group, or compete for that matter, in the game. I will be bringing characters together, and giving people and opportunity to form parties, but it isn't necessary for the game. If people want to play together, that can happen, or if they want to go solo, that is feasible as well.

Granted, I realize lacking strong boundaries from the get go on grouping and character will scare a good amount of people off, I don't intend on filling this quickly. I want beefy characters, who have substance and can, if need be, operate on their own, much like the source material.

Hmm any problems with a Night's Watch I've been looking to play one(preferably a ranger but wouldn't be opposed to one of the steward types)?

Originally Posted by Rex View Post
Hmm any problems with a Night's Watch I've been looking to play one(preferably a ranger but wouldn't be opposed to one of the steward types)?
Certainly not. It would be interesting, since the Night's Watch is actually moderately respected during this time, at least more so then during the novels.

And it means I get to deal with the frigid north and what lay beyond the wall.

I would most likely prefer a Ranger/Steward (Commander variety) character. But anything will work, me thinks.

I''ll likely work on something like a first ranger concept...I guess all I gotta do now is grab my books and write him up. I'll try to get a background and such done over the next few days...but I still gotta finish the background for the other game.

Would you prefer a character with a specific house affiliation or what...I was thinking maybe Stark just because it was mentioned there has been a Stark manning the wall for hundreds of years if I recall correctly? Or would you prefer if anything a minor house?

Hell come to think of it I might go with a Targaryen(mainly since I've yet to get to play one in any game), Greyjoy(just because playing them is always fun) or even Dothraki(would be interesting to see one forced into taking the black and coming into his own on the wall and such...would also be fun to roleplay in my opinion).

I think that Stark or Targaryen sound the most entertaining. Stark because they fit the wall so well, and Targaryen because when the war breaks out, I might be able to tempt you into breaking your vows!

But take your time. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

I'm tentatively interested. Things are pretty hectic for me so I might not get an application done that I like. I'll also have to get a hold of the Green Ronin rules.


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