Knights of the Old Republic III

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Knights of the Old Republic III

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Star Wars - Old Republic Era
Estimated Members Requested: 2

This game is intended as a solo campaign for at least most of it, I will be accepting two characters who will start in a backwater planet living their normal lives, then due to a series of unfortunate events or not, they will be thrown into the full scope of the galaxy. It will pretty much be a sandbox game with a plot that can be done, albeit they will probably go through many adventures to get to their and to even understand what their destiny is.

Character will start in a planet of their choosing, backwater, sucky, but remember this is the Old Republic, so their are many places still unknown to the people their, so for example Naboo, is yet to be discovered. They can be anything from a jedi who abandoned the academy to a farmer who doesn't know what the hell the force is. The choices aren't limited, whereas you want to eventually pursue the dark side of the force, the light side of walk the path of the gray jedi is up to them. During their travels they won't be alone, they will have a cast of NPC's to help them and befriend them, and like many of the KotOR games, there will be romance that can be pursued.

I can mostly post all days, my posting rate has been a bit low since classes started again, but that shouldn't be a problem, for anyone interested, in the forum their is where you can post your application, and no dice rolling yet, that will be left to those who have been accepted in the game, so don't go creating characters for naught.

Game Description:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Rise of the Jedi

The Old Republic lies in crumbles, Revan's army managed to destroy most of the known galaxy, countless innocents died and many Jedi were slaughtered, and those that were taken captives, were tortured until they accepted the dark side of the force and turned against their former friends. In a desperate attempt to ensure that peace would be found once again, the Jedi did a daring attack against the Dark Lord's ensign ship, capturing him and erasing his memory.

They succeeded in their mission and the former Dark Lord lost all trace of himself, enlisted as a soldier in the Republic's army, he would find his way once again to the Jedi, unknowingly to himself, this wouldn't be his first time, proving himself worth and that he was once again the Revan he had been before taking on the mantle of the Sith, he fought side by side with Bastila Shan against the forces of Darth Malak.

Triumphing over them and in the process, destroying the Star Forge, he recovered a precious shard of his memory, and in that shard he knew he had to leave the known space, for a major threat was waiting in the unknown regions. Even when the Prodigal Knight left and all trace of the Sith seemed to have been erased, even after years later, the Sith Triumvirate would be destroyed by the Jedi Exile, one of the greates heroines of the galaxy, another threat would appear, a new Dark Lord would appear, a secret apprentice of Revan, intending to destroy the weakened Jedi Order, because their time had ended.

Also interested if this uses the Star Wars Saga rules. Could you clarify if you do?
Thinking about a dark side force user character.

Well, I do appear to still have all my Star Wars Revised pdf's on my PC, so I could join in
I'll post an app tomorrow.

You had me till you said Revised. I would like to be a reader at least if that is allowed?

Great, Honduras looking forward for your app.
No problem with that Burne, as soon as it is going, send a request or I will send you an invitation.

It'sa me! Dire Lint! Hm, that doesn't really work. Well anyway yeah... I'll post an app.


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