Mass Effect Role-playing game?

Mass Effect Role-playing game?

I have this idea of making a system to play Mass Effect in d20... It would have to be a mix of DnD, and d20 Future. I have some ideas that I am going to post, but need help figuring out the powers and creating a larger array of powers and abilities that our characters can have.

Combat Specialist
Weapons: Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Grenades

Hit Dice: d12

Base Attack Bonus: +1 per level

If you google Mass Effect D6, there is a (I think) finished version of it, then change it according to how you'd prefer it. There is also numerous unfinished versions of it floating around the internet.

Other than that, I am one of those who started creating it as a D20 system, but gave up. A good idea to just use the D20 Modern Core books, and twist accordingly, but as I see you are already planning on something like that.

If you do end up finishing this, please let me know, as I am... Let's say not skilled enough to finish off making my own game.

Good Luck

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