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Nobody gets out alive

Nobody Gets Out Alive - Forum
D20 Modern
Estimated Members Requested: 5

A d20 modern survival game

That shall be me, darkhugh. There should be no need for a co-dm within this game.
Game Description
The game will be based within a fictional city in the south of England, located on the coast. The game will begin with a group of people awaking within a hospital, all of these characters were within a comma like state for an unknown period of time.

The majority of you would have been involved in a road accident, involving a bus and a lorry. Resulting in the hospitalised state you awake from, once awake the game will become focused on survival. Along with learning what has happened since you have been ‘asleep.’

You were out for an unknown period time, and upon awaking you find the city of Plytouth in ruins, dead bodies decorating the streets. Along with moaning corpses that wander aimlessly.

Game Set Up
This game will be split into three major parts, the first part will be within the city and will be mostly sandbox allowing you to move around the city as you see fit. Perhaps coming across other survivors. With time the city will become too dangerous and you will most likely be forced to leave, moving to the out skirts of the city where you will need to survive against nature and the undead.

The third section will remain a secret, but will involve large scale travel and will be less sandbox as the last two sections.

In this game the sanity varient will also be used, if it is your first time do not worry. It is not difficult to grasp and most of the work is on the DM!
Character Creation
For character creation you may use 36 point buy or roll 6m4d6^3. If you select the roll you must keep it, the only exception being if you net modifier is less than two.

You will all be level 1.

A total of five characters will be accepted.

The following should be used for the basis of an application, though feel free to use your own as long as the basic data is still present.

Name: Your full name.
Age: Your age, no one super young or really old please.
Description: Describe your character, feel free to use a picture but please use words also.
Personality: How your character acts, make sure you tell me how they act under stress and around strangers.
History/hooks: Your history need not be long, but I would like a number of hooks or goals that may drive your character in this apocalypse.

Your character sheet need not be made until you are accepted. When making your sheet and character, keep in mind that you will awake within a hospital without any of your gear. You can list gear you have stored at your house/flat etc, and if you make it there you can collect it in game. In the game wealth is not used, so do not roll for it, instead trade units (TU) will be used. Located within the apocalypse book, though if you do not have it do not worry, I can explain TU.

A character will have 4d10x2 worth of TU, though these will not be on person (bar things like wallets, watches etc).

Character Rooster
These are all of the current characters that have been brought to my attention, though they may not be finished.
  • Vrywolf - Phillip Jacob Marlowe.
  • partingshot - Andrew Byron Creste.
  • Corvax - Randolf Flynn Lomax.
  • Hisage - Alexander Rains.
  • Corporate military - William.
  • Jestergypsy - Benjamin Charlotten.
  • Purity_riot - Delilah Carter.
  • Kaeso - Edward Zacharia "E.Z." Jones.
  • Braknurr - Enio 'Eddy' Spimozo.
  • AegisShade - Sniper Jesus.
  • Rogue Rogue - Constable Melissa Lawla.
  • felix1459 - Jason Michael Bryce.
Any questions feel free to ask me them here.

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I'm thinking I'm on the same bus, because we were out for a run against eachother

Maybe playing Freerunning Tag :P

One question is this rule in effect.
Wandering and Homeless
If no care is available, an insane character may become a wandering derelict struggling for survival. Such a wanderer gains no Sanity points unless he is able to join a group of the homeless and find at least one friend among them. To find a friend after joining such a group, the character can make a DC 15 Charisma check once per month. If a friend appears, the character recovers 1 Sanity point per game month thereafter.

For each game month during which an insane character lives as a derelict, roll d%. On a result of 01-95, the character survives. On a result of 96-100, the character dies as the result of disease, exposure, or violence

Ha ha. Just saw this thread and as I read it I thought 'ooh I'll make a freerunner' and then I read that not one but two people already pitched the idea. Now if the GM approves I'd like to toss in as a third freerunner but if that's one too many I completely understand. Either way I'll check back later.

Originally Posted by Purity_Riot View Post
I'm thinking I'm on the same bus, because we were out for a run against eachother

Maybe playing Freerunning Tag :P
That works for me =] Chase each other around like crazy running and jumping places that just don't look possible...

@Darkhugh: Any chance you'll allow the X Plus feats (Fast Plus, Tough Plus, etc.) from d20 Future? They are in the SRD so I can get a link to them if you need but basically; grants you two talents from the X tree (i.e. two talents from the Fast Heroic tree if you take Fast Plus). I was thinking a Dedicated character but the speed bonus from Fast would be useful...

@partingshhot: The character set up seems good to me
I have nothing against a darker character, I in fact like them (in small numbers).

@Purity_riot: I will not disallow any book straight out, but there are things I will not allow. Pisonics being one, others I will do case by case.

@Oathsworn: Rolling thread is up! About the feats, I would like a link please. Though from what you have said they seem okay.

@Krennel: I have an addiction. I was thinking of splicing the Y:the last man game and this one together in a rather strange turn of events, but would have to ask the players in the other game about it and not too sure on it myself.

@Hisage: Rules such as that will be in play, though will be changed slightly to make the game easier. Primarily the time taken, instead of a month I may change it to a day etc.

Name: William.
Age: 24

Show description:


Show history: <--Song for him... lol!

Here be a link to Fast Plus, the others are the same just different base classes to take talents from.

@Darkhugh: Don't know if you missed my post. Just wondering about the answer to my question to see what character idea I toss in.

Given my atrocious rolling, I think I'm going to withdraw my application. I haven't been feeling too well recently anyway.

I reserve the right to change my mind at anytime.

Edit: Changed my mind in light of new rolls.

I'd like to take the Gun-Fu feat from the Polyhedron magazine. I can send you a digital copy of it if need be.


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