MnM3- Dragonlance Heroes of the Lance

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MnM3- Dragonlance Heroes of the Lance

Return of the Heroes of the Lance - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Mutants and Masterminds 3E Presenting

Heroes of the Lance


"Darkness has fallen over poor, suffering Krynn. Thus it has been since the great Cataclysm, when the old world fell. Curse the High Priest of Istar, whose pride caused him to give orders to the True Gods! For the Gods punished Krynn for this blasphemy, and much was forever lost. Lost were the great cities, the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of many generations. Lost as well was all knowledge of the True Gods, and mankind sank into idolatry. Priests lost their power, and mankind lost hope for its salvation.

But hope always spring from the most modest of causes, and so it was that the lnnfellows began the salvation of Krynn. Originally there were seven: Tanis, Kitiara, Flint, Tasslehoff, Raistlin, Caramon, and Sturm. Five years ago they set out from the Inn of the Last Home, seeking knowledge of the True Gods. In five years they found nothing, and so all returned to the sleepy town of Solace, the tree-city built in a vallenwood grove. All returned save one: Kitiara the beautiful, whose whereabouts are yet unknown.

Tanis is the leader, a half-elf born of an elf mother who was taken by a human turned savage in the terrible times that followed the Cataclysm. The elves took him in, and he was raised in Qualinesti, elfhome. But he is ever torn between his human and elven halves, and has found the wanderlust strong within him. He has roamed the world and seen much. His heart is split between the fiery Kitiara, a human woman, and the elf maid Laurana.

Caramon and Raistlin are twins - yet unlike as night and day. Caramon is bright, Raistlin is dark. Caramon is a fighter of great strength and courage; Raistlin is a mage gone cynical, a doubter. They have survived great and terrible trials. The tests that Raistlin underwent to become a mage left him with skin the color of gold and pupils the shape of hourglasses—he sees the constant, terrible effects of time.
Flint Fireforge is a fighter of the hill dwarf race, distrustful of all - including other dwarven races (especially the cursed Aghar, the gully dwarves). Now of grandfatherly age, he is but two dwarven generations removed from the great Cataclysm itself! His family was killed through the neglect of the mountain dwarves, and now he seeks to avenge his people.

Sturm Brightblade is the son of a Knight of Solamnia. Now taking up the mantle of his father, his most puissant knightly aim is to die nobly in a battle against his enemies. His motto is Perunde ocadaver - Obedience Unto Death. He is a man of military bearing, of great dignity, and of power - a true knight.

Tasslehoff Burrfoot is a handler (I would say thief) of the kender people, a halfling in size but a giant in curiosity. He is a treasure of odd information, of useful insights, and of clever solutions to knotty problems. These are the original Innfellows, but the puzzle is not yet complete. On their journeys, the heroes will meet others who seek to battle the evil that threatens all.

Where will the heroes, armed with scant knowledge, go from here? They must hurry, else Krynn is doomed. Although weary, I must keep watching. I shall return to my golden chair, once again gaze into the crystal globe, and let my spirit join the lnnfellows on their quest." *

* Taken from DL1 Dragons of Despair

Dragons of Despair is the first of 16 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dragonlance modules chronicling the Heroes of the Lance saga. The adventure begins with the heroes meeting up in the town of Solace and eventually working to restore the powers of the true clerics in the world of Krynn, and through subsequent modules fighting to save the world and facing off against dark gods.


Rules and Format

RotHotL will be played using Mutants and Masterminds 3d Edition game (aka DC Adventures). MnM3 is available from Green Ronin Games. As for why- I simply like MnM3 better.

House Rules are already identified in the forums. If the nature of PbP or conversions of an AD&D module warrant it, more rules may be added later.

The game will be slightly more roleplaying than dungeon delving. We will not be going through every single inch of the dungeons included with the game. Players should expect substantially fewer encounters, in fact. I don't see us spending 5 years going through 200 rooms of an overly large dungeon. Enter dungeon, kill a few things, and move on with the story- that's the plan. Also, random encounters will be minimized.


Part of the goal of the game will be to capture the AD&D feel, without using the AD&D books. AD&D is a wonderful game for Lore, but mechanically it's not for me anymore. I want to use MnM3 to give Fighter types more than can do in combat, without having to resort to things like Blade Magic or Encounter Powers.

Additionally, I want us to be able to use the original Heroes of the Lance, without feeling like the characters must be played the exact same way they were written in the books. I like Tanis and Raistlin, but they don't need to be played as a weak-kneed romantic or a megalomaniacal super-villain. The characters will have basic "images", but will be ours to re-envision.

The Character Creation thread in the forums has basic "images" for each of the heroes. Players will have leeway to adjust the characters as they see fit, but in general a Fighter "image" will kill things by the sword, and a caster "image" will kill things with magic.


Characters will take on the role of one of the Heroes of the Lance. As such, a traditional character application is not expected or needed. Applicants should be aware of the following:
  • Review the multi-DM statement below.
  • Kender won't be jerks, stealing from the party (see House Rules).
  • No Gully Dwarves in the Heroes of the Lance. No Minotaurs either.
  • The party will be "good" aligned.
  • Review the Character Creation thread to look at the Heroes.
  • Review the Lore briefly.
  • Post 1/day. See Evaluation Criteria below.

Multi-DM: I get burnt out. Everyone does. I'm fairly solid for keeping people informed as to what is going on, and I'm fairly reliable long-term. However, at some point, someone will be asked to run the group through a dungeon or city adventure as a bit of a one-shot so I can refresh my batteries. A DM with happy batteries is a happy DM. So by applying to the game, you should be ready to DM a one-shot adventure here or there. Don't worry, it won't happen every other month.

An Application will consist of writing something or other. A 3-5 paragraph story about one of the heroes isn't a bad idea. A few paragraphs of Lore maybe. I'd even take a few paragraphs on why you love the story. A few paragraphs you've copy/pasted in every application recently doesn't count. Also, please include a rank-ordered list (1-3 minimum) of which hero/heroine you would like to play.

Evaluation Criteria

Everyone says they want their game to post once per day. I'm no different. So, here's a trick though. Joebeebeebaby applies to my game. Joebeebeebaby, according to his statistics, posts once per day. Great, right? Cept Joebeebeebaby is already in five games. Five games, once per day statistical average, means one post per week in my game. Joebeebeebaby probably isn't going to get into my game. Sorry to be a jerk about it, and maybe I miss out on some fine applicants, but I'm looking for folks who are vaguely reliable. (Yes, I'm aware that the per day post isn't perfect, and yes, I know how to actually see how many posts a person does per day- I look.)

Outside of the above, I'm easy. New players are welcome, as long as they seem serious about playing. Old players are welcome under the same clause. Historically speaking- I tend to end up taking all the apps since I never tend to get more than four or five. If it's different this time, I'll take up six, leaving two Heroes to be DMNPCd.

Thank you for reading and your time.

All images copyright Wizards of the Coast, obviously.

Applications: Ad will stay open for at least 1 week, and possibly longer depending on interest.
Hardin- Preaccepted (Sturm, Flint, or Taz)
Narrow24- Preaccepted (Taz)
Krogothwolf- (Raistlin, Caramon, Flint)
Darkladyofthesith- (Goldmoon, Female, Tanis, Riverwind)

Game Description:

Ages of Krynn

The Age of Dreams is a span of uncertain years, mostly chronicled by the folk songs and ballads of the Age of Light that followed. These ballads were compiled on the Lifescroll of Song by the Silvanesti bard, Quevalin Soth. A copy of that scroll was presented to Astinus near the end of the Age of Light, and it is from this work that our knowledge of the Age of Dreams is derived.

The Age of Light was a period of peace and learning, during which the elven culture of Silvanesti shone as a beacon of civilization throughout the world. The history of the Age of Light was chronicled in the songs and artwork of the elves. Thus, the members of that long-lived race have provided beautiful and fanciful, if not entirely accurate, records of the age.

The Age of Might signaled the rise of humanity on Krynn. Humans spread across the world, bringing their frantic energy and aggressive confidence to all corners of Krynn. The initiation of the Age of Might is tied to the rulership of Karthay Pah in Istar. It was he who first ordered the keeping of a chronicle. Scribes carved his deeds upon plates of gold and silver, storing them on rings in his treasury. During this period, the young Astinus journeyed from the Library at Palanthus to Istar and spent three decades copying these plates onto scrolls for transport to the Library.
The Age of Might lasted for many centuries. Finally, the energy and arrogance of man resulted in the Cataclysm. In a single hour, the world of Krynn passed from the Age of Might into the Age of Darkness. As Palanthus was one of the few cities spared by the Cataclysm, the recording of history continued uninterrupted. The black years of the Age of Darkness are described thoroughly, and make for very grim reading.

Three Hundred Fifty-One years after the Cataclysm, in the Age of Darkness, a few adventurers return to a sleepy town to report on their quest for Gods, and news of war.

Call me DRK, if needed. Remember rule one- when in doubt, do something.
Mon-Fri (GMT+7) normal posting.

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Don't currently have MnM3, although this is incentive to get it. How familiar would we have to be with the rules to get accepted (ie. if I get the book this week, I wouldn't have time to read through the whole thing prior to the game starting. Would that be a problem)?

I love this particular campaign, and I'd love the chance to play Goldmoon, but if a lack of familiarity with 3e rules me out, it rules me out.

Actually, you bring up a good point that I was thinking about on my commute home today. The rules for MnM3 are, on a fundamental level, really quite easy. Only designing powers makes it complicated (and they can get mind-boggling complicated if allowed to), and a lot of the power design won't be relevant at the beginning of the game. I'll put up a quick "MnM3 Lite" type of post in the forums this evening to cover the basics.

Since we're trying to emulate a AD&D campaign, the power designs will likely never get too complex, which hopefully means the rules won't chase anyone off.

Actually, here:

The DCA rules are, basically, identical to MnM3. It'll give an idea of the rules.

I am interested this in so much. I love Dragonlance, the only issue is I haven't played MnM before at any level, you say the rules are quite easy but, how are you towards newbies to the system?

Newbies are fine to the system. I'll take a dedicated newbie over a half-arsed experienced player any day.

Well then, I'm going to start a write up and read over the rules!

Oh um, how is Ras supposed to be handled? He's not exactly uh, Good.

Check out the bit on Characters above. Short is, we're not bound by the books or the story created by Weis and Hickman.

The only Canon in the game will be that established by the adventure modules as we progress, and by the players.

Preference is posting something here, if only to keep the thread alive.


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