Drow, Murder and Intrigue

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Drow, Murder and Intrigue

Lolths Underdark - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

This will be an evil drow adventure, CL7 characters or there abouts with particular emphasis on murder and intrigue. If you are like me and you enjoy cold blooded murder and violence then hold on tight as you are going on a terrifying ride of utter mayhem.

As a DM, I have been roleplaying for over 20 years and still enjoy mixing it up as a player and running open ended adventures to allow players to pursue their whims. Sometimes people conflict, its only part of human nature however I strongly believe in having fun so as long as everyone follows my house rules, then hopefully the conflict part can be minimised

As a Player, I am looking for a group who... have an active imagination, can express themselves well in the written form, are happy to take on tough challenges and lastly are prepared for... gasp... character death. (Yes it may happen sometimes)

If thats you... then read on and even better, check out my forum to help you get a grasp on your character building options. Feel free to use this forum for any general discussion, comments or general questions.

Application Info

This is to be a predominately Drow campaign, set in the Underdark in a world based loosely on Faerun's Underdark. There will be a few world tweaks to keep everyone guessing. All designed for greater enjoyment

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Please make your Dice rolls in the same post as your Application, just go in and edit the post to update and add your application to it.

Allowed Source Books (Other D&D 3.5 ed source books may be available by DM approval)
  • Players Handbook I, II
  • Dungeon Masters Guide I, II
  • Unearthed Arcana
  • Drow of the Underdark
  • Underdark, Forgotten Realms
  • Dungeonscape
  • Spell Compendium
  • Magic Item Compendium
  • Book of Vile Darkness
  • All Complete's
  • All Races
  • All Monster Manuals
  • Tome of Magic
  • Heroes of Horror

Game Description:

The Underdark

Deep beneath the surface another subterranean world exists where vast networks of underground caverns and tunnels traverse a largely unexplored dark realm. It is home to many strange and wonderful creatures both great and small, who live in the various depths of the 'Underdark'... or 'the Deep' as known to others. Foul evil creatures have been found wandering the depths where few dare to tread, deep down below where it is said infernal demons inflict terror and beings that best not be named dwell and guard the dark portal to the Abyss.

Lolths Empire

Lolths children, the Drow have conquered and rule vast areas of the Underdark with an iron grip spreading Lolths will over the region. Subjugating the conquered races of Goblins, Deep Dwarves and other primitive races into slaves, the Drow have been strip mining precious Mithral and Adamantine found in 'the Deep', building the mighty armoury of Lolths grand army.

Prince Xizor, son of Lolth, and Grand Marshall of the combined military might of Lolths Empire has fought a long military campaign expanding the Empire. At last the wars against the Deep Dwarves are all but won, as only a few clans continue to hold out in their impenetrable strongholds, one such clan has taken Prince Xizors attention with their mechanical Spider war machines. However as Lolths grand army returns victorious with the Deep Dwarven King in chains, new plans are being put into motion...

In the Capital City of Xizon, a national holiday to mark the successful conquest as been decreed. A gathering of the most powerful Drow in the realm is coming together as Noble Houses arrive under the wishes of Prince Xizor, dangerous times indeed...

Into the Abyss

After the destruction of the Drow house of the Abyss, from the rubble the survivors find themselves prisoners of a terrifying Mindflayer onboard the Nautilis. A Ship that travels the planes in search of quintessence... now the few survivors find themselves at the mercy of the evil Illithid while their souls are sent into the Astral Plane to the Githyanki city of Tu'narath.

A city where Githyanki have ruled for centuries, a militaristic city at war with the Githzerai and ever watchful for their hated enemy... the Mindflayers.

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Where you say "CL" do you mean "Class Level" as in 7 class levels, plus Drow, or ECL 7 meaning 5 class levels and then Drow?

Yeah... 7 class levels or if you are using the Drow of the Underdark character options it would be 9 Racial Levels, which gives you 7 Class Levels.

This is to be a predominately Drow game, so there is a slight power lean towards Drow characters. Non Drow however will have 8 Class levels minus any Level Adjustments from any race mods.

I hope thats clear

Sounds cool, and I've really got to try playing an evil character sometime... Shame I'm already applying for so many games.

>Looks at the info
>Looks at the book list
>Look at everything else in general

You sir, have good taste in my regard. : J
Just for this I'm gonna have to go nab the Drow books, so I'll be back once I've looked them over.

Also, you say non-Drow are 3rd class citizens at best, slaves at worst yes? What about something with the Lolth-Touched template?

Hmmm Lolth touched eh?... can you direct me to the source and page number... thanks

Anything that Lolth touches would surely be tainted... sounds deliciously evil

Posting my interest...sounds like fun

and by fun, I mean a murderous drow-like rampage!


Thinking Archivist...would that be allowed...and if so bearing in mind the restrictions on Male/female casters which should an archivist be?

Ok Interest Counted

Fyrebird Isn't an Archivist a DNDWIKI homebrew class... ?

For ease of reference, can everyone quote sources and provide a link or page number as appropiate...

Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
Ok Interest Counted

Fyrebird Isn't an Archivist a DNDWIKI homebrew class... ?

For ease of reference, can everyone quote sources and provide a link or page number as appropiate...
Archivist is in Heroes of Horror (I assumed as you had it as a listed source you'd know it )

Page 82


In fact if Archvist is allowed, I might go for a Human slave Archivist instead of a drow...basic backstory being that he was exploring the underdark for some macGuffin, and got captured if that's OK - and do you mind if he's in a older age bracket (for stat increases/decreases) plus making more sense as a character)


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