Recruiting for a LN deity

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Recruiting for a LN deity

Legends of the Gods - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

We need a person to make and play the last slot for our game. Starting time will be when the last person gets their sheet finalized. Looking for really good concepts, character creation goes as follows, with more details to come when accpted:

Level 40 Gestalt
Race: one(1) base race + one(1) free template of your choosing + Free Paragon Template(Optional), all templates get free LA.
For monstrous races, if the HD is ridiculous, you will have to take those HD on either or both sides of your gestalt, if both, must be distributed as evenly as possilbe
Must be LN considering that is what we need right now
Best concept wins the spot
You get four(4) domains to start
Resource list is as follows:

Game Description:

Draknyva~~Lord of the Void~~Crown Prince of Zarathos
Lord of the Darkness
"Those that watch their backs, meet their deaths from the front" ~ Drow Proverb
To start, All i need is a concept, a brief description of what the character will be like, and maybe a class breakdown, in private tags for me and Nate the Great please, He is the Co-DM with me on this.

LN can be fun. Plus, I've wanted to play a Lawful character for a while (and use this picture).

Applications here, or in the forum?

Originally Posted by mishra View Post
Applications here, or in the forum?
Here first. I want to give other people a chance at this, so it'll be a while before anything gets finalized in concerns to my pick. I will also be looking at these apps with nate the great, and we will decide together. Like i said in the OP, best concept wins.

Originally Posted by Arudin View Post
Is it first come, first serve, or can I throw my hat in the ring too?
Best concept wins the spot. :3

Notice: We had someone drop out, so we are also needing a LG character. Again, same rules as before, and best concept wins.

Do not post in the game forum unless you have been approved by me and nate the great.


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