Looking for more players.

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Looking for more players.

Wild West Werewolf - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 6

System: White Wolf OWOD.
Campaign: Wild West.
Character Levels: Rank One.
Creation: Use the WTA core creation guide for your characters the only difference is that im giving everyone 25 freebies rather then the normal 15.

Gifts: Gifts can be taken from any book just be reasonable with what your requesting.
Merits/ Flaws: No restrictions but as always dont over do it.
Pure breed: You can use your own discretion on this one just go by your tribe.
Allowed Tribes: All Tribes of werewolf /changing breeds will be allowed but if it's something off the wall your going to need to explain what your doing in this setting.
Backgrounds: Anything that fits your character but once again if something is off the wall your going to need to be able to back it up.

Character History: Im not looking for a novel but two to three paragraphs at least, get the main things covered who are you what brought you to this point in life ect.
Breed restrictions: Im not going to be closed minded to breed but please remember this is an urban setting...if your going to be a lupus you better have a really good reason why your on a train half your life.

Availably: This game is currently open to 6 players i'll go with people who have the right concepts for the game and fit into the SL's I have planned.

Game Description:

Werewolf Wild West Campaign

Setting time frame- 1883
Location- All across the United States and uncharted territories.
Character Types allowed- Any found within the WW wild west core books.
Books used/needed: Any OWOD WTA book but focused mainly on the WW Wild West Werewolf Compain books.

The Caern Basic Information
Name: The Sept of Smoke and Iron.
Level: 3
Gauntlet: 4
Type: Wisdom, Glory, And War.
Tribal Structure: All tribes are welcome but the pure ones tend to be put off by the nature of the Caern so Uktena, Windigo, and Red Talons are rare but not unheard off.
Totem: Dust Storm.

This sept is an oddity in the nation and is the only one of itís kind. The only traveling Caern of itís time it can be spotted in various places spanning across the entire united states as well as the uncharted areas as yet unpopulated by settlers. When the massive train does come to a stop itís never for more then a few days to re supply and add more passengers.

General description
A massive Twenty car black iron train covered in etchings that to the naked eye appear to be weather mark scratches or simply a gathering of dust from the rail road. It is composed of nothing but natural materials mined or gathered by the kinfolk of the Sept itís self and holds a variously of supplies and people. Along the tops of the train itís self appear to be mounted guns of some kind a rather advanced system for the time frame but easily explained away due to the fact it is known to carry citizens of all classes.

The Bawn : Made up of the first four cars and used as a general gathering area as well as transport for visitors of the non garou nature. There is ample sitting room with plush red velvet seats and black carpeting to add comfort for those in for the long haul. The windows in these carts are wide and neatly polished daily with added curtains incase privacy or shielding from the sun is needed.

The middle car is used as a dinning and parlor car, fitted with wider seats complete with tables and a bit more decoration with fresh flowers in vases and sometimes the occasional live band. The food served here various from time to time depending on the season and time of day. In the mornings fresh biscuits are placed in neat baskets at each table and a full menu ranging from sweet breads and griddle cakes to your hearty eggs and assorted breakfast meats. Through out the day fresh coffee, tea, or water is offered to each guest and is free of charge. Lunch and dinner menuís vary and are usually posted outside the dinning cart for passengers to read. Specials include, Hearty American Stew, Roasted Hog And Taters, and Home Fried Chicken.

The last two cars are used for sleeping rooms and apartments for those in need of a rest. Some of the larger apartments are for families and have two to three small beds, a wash stand, and a small closet type of area to hang your things. The other smaller apartments consist of one small bed a wash stand and a nook above the bed to place a suit case. These rooms are extra but available even after youíve already gotten your ticket.

The inner sept: Off limits to the general public this is where the garou and their kin mingle, composed of six cars and marked off as cargo and employees only . It is set up much more like a home then the travelers cars with running water and various places to sit and talk amongst yourselves. The kinfolk of the sept run the dinning car and usually make a tone of food daily more then willing to take any requests from their protectors. Due to the high volume of kin in the sept there are two cars set aside for their living spaces and are usually unvisited by the garou unless their mate is in one of them. The rooms themselves are much larger and have a lot more comforts then the apartments set up for living rather then brief stays.

Several of the rooms are marked private and those generally hold small children of infants due to the abundance of rage walking about in the other areas. Most generally the younger children get the run of the last car of the inner sept, it has been made into a large play room of sorts with toys and other items to keep the children happy.

One car is set up for entertainment and us usually used once a week for story time, dances, or just social gatherings in general of no real importance itĎs also where the monthly moots are held.. A lot has been done to turn this caern into a home for both garou and their kinfolk.

Garou Only: Five cars put together just before you reach the heart and are only for the garou of the sept. This is the place where garou are allowed to practice their rites and speak about various threats by the wyrm that they wish not to burden their families with. This is also where the Grand elder, Truth Catcher, Master Of The Challenge, and Wyrm Foe make their home. Each respective person has their own fairly large room used both for meditation and sleep as well as private meetings. The guardian pack consisting for five members constantly move among every car and usually sleep wherever they find a spot, the keeper is the conductor of the train and rarely leaves the conductors car and the rites mistress is usually in the heart.

The Heart: The heart of the caern takes up the last five cars in the sept and is almost exclusively under the Rites mistressís supervision those that enter may only do so by invitation a rule that even the Grand Elder is known to abide by. The first cart holds nothing but ritual components and is covered from wall to wall with glyphs this is were the rite mistress performs various cearn duties with the spirits and anyone who comes to her for spiritual guidance. The second car had a floor covered in sand and little else the top can be opened at any time to allow the wind to rush through, it is used to honor the Dust Storm with dance and singing among the swirling sands.

In the last car is where the coal is stored to power the massive train it is the responsibility of the rites mistressís mate to keep the train going and he is rarely seen out of the sweltering room.

Haha, I actually own this book and it is one of my favorite supplements. Especially like the bullet hole through it. I express interest. I will flip through and see if I can come up with a character.

Just so you know gm. In the garou only section you have "Cars" when I think you mean "Carts".

Sections of a train are called cars. I think the use of the word cart twice in the game description are the accidentals.

Otherwise I think I might keep an eye on this game. I dont think I can play at the moment though. Good to see an old school game show up every now and again.

Oh yeah.. I knew that *Slaps head* Railroad Cars. Makes sens now.

Yes..that was my bad I totally meant to use cars all the way through, this is what happens when I do things very late at night. *giggle fit* I'll fix that right up now. The wild west is also one of my favorites I love the time period and have always wanted to run a game for it. I also really dislike the NWOD so I figure some like minded people might enjoy some old school fun.

Anyway im glad people are showing interest if you guys want just hop on over and put in a char app im very open to new ideas and unique ones are even better. Just make sure to do a quick once over of my house rules before you make your char as I gave you guys a bit more to work with.

Hey! I am also very interested, cool concept for the game and Werewolf: Wild West is one of my favourites. Where / how do you want character apps?

You can go to my Wild West-forum link at the top of my add here and go to the app thread, basically just tell me a bit about your character, put in your sheet i'll look it over and if everything's good i'll invite you and you can put it on over in the character section.

I have three members already and one of them has posted in the ooc thread what they will be making. I believe she is wanting to start out with either a pre made pack or at least characters geared to make one fairly soon. You can check out her post and either make something to go along with them or do your own thing. ^_^


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