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Forest icons in dungeonographer?

Forest icons in dungeonographer?

Hello everyone! I come to you as a technology-impaired DM struggling to do exactly what the title of this thread says.

I've purchased both dungeonographer and hexographer, and i was pretty dismayed when I realized that dungeonographer cannot be used at all for outdoor dungeons, of which there are several in my current campaign.

I don't like the hex-style set up of hexographer, plus, it seems to be used more for geography and creating land masses, ect., not so much battle maps. However, I've seen the treetop icons that hexographer offers, and if I could somehow get these icons into dungeonographer, I would be the happiest DM in the world.

I've managed to make myself a foresty floor tile, and now all I need are these tree/bush icons that are in hexographer, namely the "Deciduous Tree", "Evergreen Tree", and tree clusters are what I am looking to move into dungeonographer. Are there any technology-inclined Java understanding folk out there who could help me out with a fairly simple explanation?

Thanks in advance!

I haven't any idea what those programs are, but most times you can select the thing you want, copy it and paste it into the other program, I'm not sure if this helps or not, but it's what I can think of without knowing the software you're using. Hope it helps though

Try to browse the folders of said application and look for the folder which contains the image files. It can be a problem if the files are coded into a program-specific extension, but who knows? Maybe you're lucky and they're neat jpg that you can transpose to program you want to use!

Mordae might be able to help, I believe he uses them and has the technical skills but is moving house.

A more round about way of doing it would be to take place some trees in hexographer. Take a screen shot and go into your picture editing software of choice (I would just use Paint for something like this) and crop down to just the trees. Then upload the newly created image into dungeonographer.

Though, since I haven't used either of the programs, I have no idea how this would actually work in terms of the details.

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