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The Official Yammering Thread

The Official Yammering Thread

This section of the site has been a little unloved lately. I have so much love to give you, Writer's Guild!

If anyone has requests, demands, comments, ideas, complaints, or anything else about how this should be run, don't hesitate to harass me, either publicly or privately.

I have closed and archived everything from the main threadgroup with a last post date earlier than April. If you're looking for something older than that, check the Archives threadgroup. If you'd like one of those threads reopened for some reason, and it isn't yours, PM me and explain why. Where possible (meaning, if I could tell that's what it was quickly and easily), I moved prompts and challenges to the Prompts threadgroup so they can be perused for inspiration.

NaNoWriMo resources will be cataloged in the shiny new Wiki we'll have linked here as I'm able. Anyone who'd like to see other public writing challenges supported by us here, just pipe up and say so.

Resume random writery chatting.

Honestly, the forum isn't broke, but it could certainly use more activity.

To do this team building and creative collabo projects are a must. Once that is done at a rudimentary level there can be a stronger sense of community on this particular board which will encourage posting and activity.

One thought is the write 1 paragraph and pass thread (no more than 6 sentences). Set up ground rules to say things like "must be written in X setting" where X setting is linked and defined well, and, must hold "x" tone. Also, first post in is considered law, so posting 2 seconds too late is a concern with multiple people in the thread.

Then don't let anyone post until at least 2 others have posted in between.

This will create a strange brew kind of work that no one can predict. Get at least 6 people to commit before starting because coming in late on a project like this is impossible due to the reading investment required.

Opening post should have maybe a full page of set up for the chapter, and OP decides when the chapter ends, minimum of 10 posts from others though.

See if that helps get some activity up in hurr!

Sounds like it will work WOLT. Meantime I'd direct readers to check out ongoing Collabs. They are a hoot! Pencil in Agricolus for a new collaboration.

I didn't think the Guild was broke, just messy and abandoned, like a garden overgrown with weeds.

Sounds like we need a sort of organizational thing for the collaborations. Oh look! We have a wiki here now! *cough*

Is there any reason to keep the old threads in there open and available?

Recommend then, using the Wiki like the GM workshop does: http://www.myth-weavers.com/wiki/ind...lp:GM_Workshop

Once set up like that you can start expanding with writers resources, etc.

Already working on it, bit by bit. If anybody is good with pretty-ifying wiki pages, knock yourself out.

I'll help with the formatting if you want to write it.

As a member of the MW Guild since it's inception, I have to say I have not been one of the strong veggies in the garden. I have disappeared often for RL and have yet to really submit some of my writings for perusal and subsequent dissecting and tearing apart. Yet I have always been a supporting reader for others writings.

I agree this place needs redirection, focus and much needed cleanup. Thank you Dauphinous for taking the reins and being so willing to make this a place of fun and jocularity once again. It is a difficult job to manage as many writers as can frequent this place. I propose that you re-add Agricolus as one of the moderators of the Guild. He has a lot of great ideas and can crank out some awesome stories. Plus you can't go wrong by following a man in a kilt. Your call though.

I am excited to see some new life being breathed into this place. Long live the Guild. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Agri can PM Plugsy if he wants that. I don't actually have any control over that so far as I can tell. Unless it's hidden under this-


Nope, probably wasn't that.

On an actual serious note, do we still want the Writer's Workshop threadgroup? No one is currently using it, and the most recent post is from February. I will be archiving all of it in the near future unless there's some serious whining.

I was thinking that we can offer people a custom thread prefix if anybody wants one, to make it easy to find your own stuff. Just PM me and I'll add it, whatever you want so long as it isn't offensive. So far as can be told, if there's a limit to the number of those we can have, it's a really high number.

Does anyone have an actual process for starting a collaboration project? Should there be one, or is this sort of thing better off as everyone does it how they best prefer?


well, I'm always recruiting writers for my wiki... I'd love to work with people on that. It's kind of an endless project and I can always use creative minds for that. I can create an ad of some kind if you think it's a good idea? I haven't really ever seen much feedback in this forum though... if it does start to happen I'd be all about making some collab stuff on the world of L'Tiene. That's kind of what it was made for...


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