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The Official Yammering Thread

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Does anyone have an actual process for starting a collaboration project? Should there be one, or is this sort of thing better off as everyone does it how they best prefer?
Actually present Collabs working well but are lengthy. Furnishes a better base for thoughts and intrigue that way but lends itself toward novel-length results Nd can be very interesting as it travels along circuitous paths. WOLT had an idea for shorter submissions but there mAy not be enough thought in each to sustain more than conscious streaming. It's certainly worth a try though, keeping the present ones and trying new ideas. Process? Just start one. Be bold and go forth!


What's you're idea?

Honestly for this wiki, the submissions I get are all varied in flavor and style and formatting. Some are short, some are long, some are narratives or story format and some are just lists of stat blocks and notes.

Generally submissions come through people finding something they want to write about, and it could be anything, usually something existing needing development unless they are rather familiar with the setting and then brand new items are sometimes added. Once they determine what they want to write about there is generally convo for brains storming and note swapping and direction to any reference materials if needed (if the piece interacts with other in game canon). Then the draft is made and submitted and unless it specifically contradicts something (which it shouldn't due to the convos) then it gets integrated into the wiki as canon.

Some things I have received are codes of honor, ideas for new gods in the pantheon, specific wandering heroes, fanfic ideas and source, descriptions of kingdoms or artifacts, development of important NPCs... really just about anything that falls under world building.

I'd love to work on a piece with you if you're interested I actually get a great feeling when someone takes four sentences and turns it into something unique and interesting all it's own. Some great examples of this were the Federation of Free Trade and Gnosticism as both were a few pieces of concept are and a few sentences and came back in their present forms.

I guess my first question would be what anyone is interested in writing about? I also have a list of stuff that needs attention for people seeking heavier direction... any biters?


Ahhh....'tis an interesting Guild, is it not?

There are many possibilities here, and varied are the talents. Personally I got introduced to MW thru Farlandworld and am still actively writing there - the Darmon series is about to take a third step into the unknown. I say unknown, because I really don't know which way it will turn, until now - have a definite plan for the next novel.

The Guild has been a blast. There are so many different possibilities here that there's caramel for Suzy, chocolate covered cherries for Grandma, and the little jaw busters for little Billy. It's a box of chocolates, no doubt.

It started out on the heels of 2009 NanoWrimo, and although most of the work done here (through monthly challenges and prompts) has been of the RP/Fantasy/D&D ilk, there have been some that are strictly non-world building in nature.

I'd like to step in the puddle of the short-response collaborations you suggest, although much of my work has centered around apocalyptic, sci-fi stuff (I like to blow things up). But always ready to twist something and see what comes out.

I have no idea other than the worship of new ideas. Suggest something and we'll run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.

As far as working on your projects, such a thing can be done easily, but I have limited time to offer - as you get older, things aren't necessarily simpler. I'll look into it, though.

Generally I've found that the promts are good exercises and can be taken off in many directions. When people are given a direction that is constricting they tend to have less elbow room and are out of their element. The current 3-part challenge is good as it allows for a lot of differing ideas - our previous challenges centered on themes that were voted upon by everyone (although the voting became arduous) but if you forced yourself to let your imag roam, something would come up. That's why I picked the girl-and-dolly idea in another post in Challenges folder - can go any way you choose. And I thought it might get things moving.

How might I go about submitting challenges for the forum then?

Also this isn't a typical writing challenge in that each person should produce a piece... in a wiki, everyone works together on a narative, it's probably more likely to have a discussion thread for each one and let people introduce cool ideas they like as they come up with them.

Right now I'm working on this sort of thing in this thread and right now (concerning rune warriors) we're more or less spit-balling ideas. Some of the stuff Darkgorge just threw in was amazing

No one has to 'submit' a challenge, prompt, or request for assistance. Just toss up your thread, as before.

We could have a thread for people to submit requests for assistance with things that exist outside the Writer's Guild. I'm not sure how much interest it would generate, but it might be better for things that don't need a separate discussion/work thread here. Thoughts?

I would suggest doing that once activity and user base is built up further.

Having things that don't get used is a lot worse than not having them. It's the forum equivalent of leaving trash on your lawn.

I'll put up some discussion threads to hopefully peak some collabo interest

It might be a bit dangerous to let people through something against the wall and see if it sticks. We will get a lot of threads to weed through. It can become quite cumbersome to know what I need and want to participate and what is just blatantly something not interesting to my style at all. I think there needs to be some sort of guide, a proposal or suggestion perhaps, then we see what the majority wants to choose.

I'm just concerned if there are 30 prompts available, I will have no problem choosing one I like or make my own. But then to be a support reader to others writings it will become a time hog and cumbersome. Just my $0.02 cents, that's actually worth about a half a penny.

Well, at the moment, there's so little interest it's not really an issue, but I can see the potential for problems. Perhaps a word count limit for unmoderated challenges/prompts? Like, if you're asking for 1000 words or more, you need to get permission first or dump it in a suggestion box sort of thing? Not that shorties aren't worth as much, but they certainly take less time to read and comment on.

I totally agree that we need to stir up the interest in the Guild once again. This has turned in to a bit of a ghost town as of late. I realize I am one of the ghosts that disappear and then keep coming back to haunt and rattle some chains.

What can I do to help dauphinous?

The same thing anyone else can do, really. Use the place, and let me know if you'd like to see something that I can make happen.


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