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The Official Yammering Thread

Ladies and gentlemen, if no one has any use for this section of the site, which seems to be the case (the Module thread could easily go elsewhere), then I'm going to ask Plugsy to just shut it down. It appears as though the group it was started for has faded away, and after some attempts at exercises and challenges and collaborations that almost universally fell flat on their face (plus NaNo, which I was the only one to enthusiastically participate in this year), I don't happen to have any reasons whatsoever to argue that we should continue to have it.

So, unless there is some kind of unexpected, large-scale outcry at the mere idea of closing the Writer's Guild, I intend to see to its demise next week.

Well, I'm surprised, in a way. Do the Admin guys need the space? I guess it doesn't really matter, its their website.

Kinda bummed out with the idea of eliminating it. But it is true that users have been less in umber lately.

It was a good idea at the time. There were a lot of good ideas strewn about, a lot of clever banter, and I hope it all made some sense for a good while. But I guess we all have our own lives outside this screen and this keyboard.

I think that if anyone has an idea about other Writer's Guilds on the web, please post the links so we still have a place to go. We're accepting interesting stories at www.torbertworlds.wikispaces.com, and you'll find an interesting world there to entertain you.

Also, Farlandworld is also a great place to stir the creative juices.

My condolences, but more importantly, many thanks to those who have added to the richness of this little corner.

Creative Corner will still be a home for writing of all kinds on the Weave. I keep a modly eye over there, so if people have ideas on how to arrange things to foster the compository community I'm all ears.

Split by category, which is already done.

No reason to mess with it further unless you get a surge of a particular category that demands a sub category due to constant popularity, which is unlikely as that board sees little use as well.

From what I've seen at the Creative Corner it is mostly dedicated to character creation and gaming. Of course that's what the entire site is all about but thinking more in terms Of non-RP gaming literature

If there was actual demand for that sort of thing, Agri, we wouldn't be in this position. I'll note that this is really just a delayed execution. Removing this section of the site was likely when I took it over, and although I gave it a shot, there just aren't enough people looking for this from the Weave to justify its continued existence. I think it's time to admit that if you want non-RP/gaming related literature and critiques, the Weave isn't really the place to look for it.

Are you talking about removing the entire Writer's Guild?

Yes, the entire Writer's Guild is going to be removed and everything that goes on in it will be moved to the Creative Corner.

Ah, poop. Part of the reason I came back to MW was to avail myself of the Guild, but it sounds like the overall interest just isn't there.


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