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The Official Yammering Thread

Unfortunately so, but everything's just moving shop really; it's not getting shut down per say.

I believe the functionality of the guild will remain in tact, the creative corner can easily supply outlets for all of the things the writers guild does, and the extra traffic from the other creative members of that board may even lead to a rise a in use.

I would think the easiest method is just to transfer the whole thing right over and then lump in the current writing folder and organize that.

If could even still be called the writers guild. This wouldn't violate the 2 tier rule for sub folders either. I would even suggest that Daup stay on as a section mod for that as well, to help promote activity.

Meaning the guild wouldn't go away at all, just be absorbed into another board.

The guild originated as an overgrown game forum and was given a go at the site top level given the interest it seemed to be garnering. I still think there's a place for writing and writing-related discussion on the Weave public forums. We probably need to spruce up the Creative Corner description to reflect it, though; any of you writers want to take that on? (sarcasm and/or patronizing tone neither expressed nor implied.)

That sounds like a job for Dauph or DarkXarth.

I would recommend Dauph for it since she's intimate with the project already (and operates as an editor on several other projects) or Dark since he's a beefy editor as well.

Either one of them will get you a good copy.

I would recommend you link all relevant descriptions on the creative corner (wiki, front page, sub folders, etc) and then they can be redrafted to include the new proofs.

dauph has a cold again and isn't really up to par at the moment. She's even referring to herself in third person, which is always a bad sign.

I take it that means the MW GUIDES won't be done with editing in the next 24 hours?

Pardon me as designated new bloke in the writery subforum, but when i stuck my current short story in Creative Corner i didn't notice this subforum (it slipped my mind for some dyslexic reason); a quick look in here and although people talk about writing in here, there's nowhere to submit any actual writing.

Meanwhile, whoever's in charge of Creative promptly created a story section in their subforum and shunted my (rather lonely looking) short story into it.

On the whole, it's a funny way of doing things. Is there a reason there's no story section in here? Or is there one and i'm just blind?

*Edit: Hey, this thing's only 7 pages deep. I oughta read some of this.

This section of the site is going to be removed shortly. Creative Corner is in the process of being reorganized a little to accommodate the occasional writings that people want to post.

Ah. "I see," said the blind man.

Alright then, thanks


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