DOOM themed game

DOOM themed game

I'm considering starting a DOOM styled game and was wondering in what level of interest there is in such a game. Before anyone asks I will be including monsters from DOOM (as close as possible difficulty wise as I can make them) but given that I may be using DOOMs 1-3 the "ai" may not be the same as in the game but I'll do my best, nor will I necessarily add all of them.

The main idea is 1 of 2 things.



I haven't really worked on this much yet (obviously) but I'm open to suggestions. The game will get progressively harder both on finding ammo and battle difficulty.

Should I get at least 6 positive posts I will begin work on the game in full.

If this is still a thing, I'm interested in the escape styled game. I'm a huge fan of Doom and this sounds like a great idea. Though, what books will be allowed for players to use if this is to kick off?

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