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storyHis smile was weaker then it had been, she noticed, and the fingernails on his right hand were blackened, the skin burning an angry red. Whatever he had just done had cost him. She nodded, ushered him in behind her, and closed the door.

She hurried in her room and shut the door behind her. "Eva, don't slam the doors!" yelled her duenna from the kitchen. But she didn't hear her. She threw herself on the bed and cryed a river, relieving the pain in her heart. It couldn't be! Her father couldn't simply sell her to this horrible man! She knew he needed money, but for the Lord, her father loved her!

She rolled on her back and extended an arm to her bedside table, picking up her silver mirror to look at herself. And it made her laugh. If her duenna would see her now, the noble Eva Cordavilla, her beautiful dress all creased, her hairdressing half undone, her eyes all red! No, she would not marry this old ill-favored merchant, so rich can he be!

She got on her feet, and searched in her wardrobe, between her nicest robes and gowns, until she found an old brown sack. Opening it, she produces smaller purses and bottles. She opened one of the purse, and spread some dried lys petals on her silver mirror. From another purse, she took a deep violet, multifacet gem, feeling strangely warm in her palm. Holding the gem, she gently knocked the mirror three times, and looked at her reflect.

At first, nothing happened: it was still her beautiful face, with her high cheekbones, her thin lips, her hazelnut eyes made shinny by the tears, a lock of black hair hanging from her subtle hairdressing. Then the image changed, until it was a man with a strange smile and a dark complexion.

"Don Caņito! I'm so happy to see you!"

"What's happening, seņorita? Oh, what happened to your face, did you cried?"

Eva hesitated a second; she would never admit to any man to have cried. But he was not any man, he was the spirit of a mirror... "Yes... my father has promised me to a man, an old merchant, as ugly as a boar! He is rich, but I can't even lay my eyes on him for more than a second without fainting! Here, only thinking about him, I'm all weak again..."

Indeed, the young woman was all pale again. "No, my dear, you have to be strong! Take a deep breath... again... Ah, I see the colors coming back on your pretty cheeks! And who is this ugly boar, if I may ask?"

"His name is Senor Valerio Battiscana. If..." She hesitated a moment. What she was about to do was getting beyong mere fantasy.

"If...?" encouraged the man in the mirror.

"If... something could happen... that I wouldn't have to marry him... an... accident..." She was strangely shameful. After all, what evil could a mirror do, exactly?

"At your service, seņorita!" Don Caņito, the man in the mirror, suddenly disappeared, leaving only a whitish surface, then her own puzzled reflect slowly reappeared.

Quick Note on Ascendant's post: I thought we were in a NYC apartment building. This could be easily modified where they head to the roof of the building where has a circle prepared I suppose?

Also I have a thought about the monster.

I'm shooting for Zalgo since it seems like a fun idea.

You guys do what you want though

Some zalgo stuff:


Basic invocation:


Explanation: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Zalgo

L_Tien I'm confused how does the Zalgo fit in with the whole shadow monster thing?

storyThe next day after completing her morning chores Eva went back and called back her friend in the mirror. Immediately before she could even say hello; Don Contito said "It is done."

Shocked Eva asked "What did you do"

"Me? I did nothing, just place a few items. Its the old fool who was clumsy enough to trip over them. Then I might have accidental pushed a button."

"Do you think he felt anything" she whispered feeling ashamed that she had caused this.

"No i should think not. Those presses that hes got in his factory are quite efficient."

Zalgo is a shadow monster, done up in the Lovecraftian style :/

ok thats cool its just that with the sorces you posted i didnt really see how it fit in.

Why did this die? All the next persons got to do is think of what happens next in the combat scene.

heres an idea in order to insure their survival. She keeps sword in the wall of the room with the magic circle in case she needs a flesh sacrifice to an anchor to the mortal world.

You said it so you gotta do it now

I didn't want to add anything to that scene in particular waiting for a better opening

Either the story is getting too dark, or people are just keeping the creativity to themselves - resulting in a black hole of writer's block. :P

you know if i do this next section all the magic users are gonna be scions. If you've read the Dante Valentine series then you know what I'm talking about. if no one posts within a couple of days then i guess ill do something.


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