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WoLT Challenge: Unique Artifact

WoLT Challenge: Unique Artifact

Alright, this is the first challenge I'm putting up for the World of L'Tiene Wiki.

It's very open ended and should be a fun exercise.

The goal is to design a unique magic artifact. Obviously artifacts are very powerful magic items that are unique, have extraordinary abilities and intricate histories, all of which should be described by you in 600+ words, no limit (but may potentially be edited to avoid contradictions with the game world).

The artifact should be able to function in a fantasy game world roughly equivalent to LoTR for magic and technology. For specific details please feel free to visit the game wiki, especially if you want to strongly tie in your artifact well into the game world. Even if you don't tie it in directly, that can always be done retroactively.

Pics are appreciated if you have them.

Here is my submission for this:


I made the font of Aleksi because I thought a water fountain might be a nice twist of a magic item.

I wouldn't expect anyone else to tie in the world as tightly as I did into mine, but again the idea is to make a unique item that is bold enough to have an interesting legend behind it and make a major difference in the world without being the typical he-man's sword of power... not that a sword isn't OK, but if it's a sword it should be significantly different from all the other artifact swords...

If anyone absolutely must know, the world is run with GURPS system, but that shouldn't really have any bearing on your creativity.

and GO!

PS post any questions here too! I'll be sure to check back and answer quickly

Why not just put your wiki stuff on here?

I also may have something to contribute. Gonna take a nap then get the gears grinding.

I have no idea how to stat this in any system, but it's something I've always wanted to see exist:

Raiment of the Infinite Legion:
These suits of armor originally numbered exactly enough for one standard Legion of men, though some have no doubt been lost or destroyed since their creation. Each suit is identical to the last detail (sized appropriately for the man wearing it). Individually, there is nothing particularly special about these suits, except that they never seem to become dirty or worn down.

When worn in a group, however, their true power is revealed. Any injury - from weapon, spell, trap, or fist - inflicted upon any one man in the Legion is divided evenly amongst every man wearing one of these suits within a reasonable distance. A man cut off from his fellow Legionnaires will find that the armor acts as an ordinary suit of plate armor, but so long as he stays in formation, no man can easily fall while the Legion yet stands. (Of course, area-effects like Fireballs and catapult shots can still be devastating - these suits are not a license to recklessness. Those who have forgotten this account for those suits which have been lost or destroyed.)


My wiki long predates the nw wiki, also if you knew how big my world was you'd undertand that is no small undertaking. There is literally hundreds of pages. that task is easilly 100 man hours, so, not feasible. Perhaps if I ever get bored, but I haven't been bored in over ten years. Right now, aside from running and playing in games, making the mw pbp player guide, running two businesses, consulting a dozen and holding a day job I am also releasing a 96 song anthology. If you want to donate some time though, by all means, but on my list of priorities that is really low, plus the formatting on the other wiki is better and stronger.

@sage, awesome idea, I guess the next question is to determine why this was built, by whom, and for what end, as well as repeatedly asking the big five. Before I jump in on it, did you have any thoughts?

WoLT - Hell if I know. I don't know your world well enough to speak for that. It seems like the kind of thing the Romans would have been all over, though, or the Persian Immortals, so if you have a cultural analog to either of them, I'd start there.

Metatrons Cube (At least the equivalent in your world)

Specifically, the line pattern includes projections of a double tetrahedron (aka stellated octahedron), a cube within a cube (aka a tesseract), and an octahedron. Although the image below shows the dodecahedron and the icosahedron fitting to the pattern of Metatron's Cube, the vertices of those shapes do not coincide with the centers of the 13 circles (the icosahedron projection in the image below is false)

Google Metatrons Cube for an image.

It could be an ever shifting shape that fits to the geometry of the shapes those 13 circles can make.

It would grant some form of shape shifting as well as telekinesis (Metatron being the scribe of god). It would require reflavouring to your campaign.

@sage, I'll take a crack at it in a min. Got a few things to catch up on first

@matt, I ahve something like that so far, it's actually a prison called the moebius bastille.

Moebius is the time streamer, or the one thing (aeon) that can actually manipulate timelines without breaking them due to paradox. This is because Moebius is the Aeon of Dynamism. Eventually Vulcan (the great engineer, Aeon of Stasis) came to see moebius as problematic because he was always messing everything up, so he created the moebius bastille to imrison the aeon, however, when doing so it threw reality out of balance and the Aoen on Entropy grew in influence enough to manifest physically which will eventually cause a huge paradigm shift in the game (that's a future high-mid lv section)

The Moebius Bastille does manifest all kinds of shapes, as you suggested, however, it's kind of like a cyclic, never ending holo-deck (star trek next generation) that can contain paradox effectively and thusly by and large resembles a dream scape inside, though on the outside resembles the lemarchande configuration. I suppose though, I could say that someone on the outside could utilize the power within (moebius) to shapeshift... that's kind of cool actually.

I never put together a full article on the bastille as it's kind of back burner notes, but this is all the more reason to get started... Anything you'd want to add to that?

I had a great idea for a magic artifact. I don't know anything about the GURPS system and I'm not going to stat this out because I'm lazy, but here it is:

Artifact: Madman's Blimp
A normal blimp at least 150 feet long. This blimp is coated in an alumiron casing to keep punctures to a minimum. The engine cars are pressurized to allow for high altitudes. The blimp also has numerous prods, arms, and pincers on the bottom for salvaging wreckages.

Kedra's Fang (AKA- The Demon-Eater)

Kedra was once possibly the world's most renowned demon slayer. A relatively decent sorceress and expert fighter, she was known to enter the deepest hells and slaughter hundreds of hellspawn- she cared not for their rank, power, or if she were in the abyss or the hells. She had knowlege of the strength and weaknesses of the evils below that exceeded that of even their own scholars.

Eventually, she died. Not at the hands of the hellspawn who hated her so completely. But by the machinations of a mortal mage. She thought him a demon summoner. Technically true, perhaps, but he only dabbled in the arts of demonology and necromancy. His true love was enchantments and the production of magic items. His trap labyrinth eventually weakened her enough that he captured her. Then he tortured her. And he thought he broke her.

Eventually he bound her soul into a weapon. A crowning achievement, his greatest device to date. And traded it to a demon-lord for considerable boons. It is rare that one walks away from a deal with demons where both are completely satisfied. This was one such time.

Kedra's Fang was ordinarily a powerful blade. Crimson red. It is a utilitarian saber design, the very weapon the now deceased ranger brought with her as a backup to replace her demon-bane weapons if needed. Powerful enough unto itself. But the true strength of the blade was that it contained all of Kedra's knowlege, and bestowed it upon the wielder. Whomever held this weapon could cut a path of destruction through demons. Bolstered by her knowlege, one would be nigh untouchable in battle, and every strike was deadly, against demons or devils or any of the other denizens of the lower realms.

While there are other weapons just as powerful against demons. This blade had one feature all the others lacked. It retained its full power, when wielded by demons. Making it the most deadly weapon in the civil wars of the hells.

It has been the cause of the downfall of countless demon lords. The one wielding the blade is nearly unkillable, quickly climbing in status until they become a lord unto themselves. Where dozens of other lords assault them simultaneously in an effort to claim the blade themselves. In its relatively short existance of under two hundred years, it has traded owners nearly six hundred times. It has personally cut down nearly a million demons.

Some theorize the blade carries a curse with it. One that lets the spirit of Kedra to control the demon who owns it, allowing her to use it to her ends, until it dies, and she claims another. Others believe it is simply demonic nature... that given a weapon of this magnitude of power, it is certain that they would use it on each other. Always.

Those who knew Kedra agree... her soul may have been destroyed in the sorcery that made this blade. But she would have made the sacrifice willingly, had she known what her legacy would bring.


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