Soldiers of Darkness (Evil Campaign)

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Soldiers of Darkness (Evil Campaign)

Soldiers of Darkness - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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Estimated Members Requested: 1

Why hello there again Weavers.

We four (Me the Dm and 3 players) require one replacement player for an expansive campaign full of all things bad.

Please see the current "Character Applications" thread for the standard you have to uphold. Also see "Your Recruitment IC thread for the FIRST POST. This first post is the only post that will be applicable. The characters and I have been away from the game too long to continue down the same plot without it being odd and trying to fit a new personality.

All the players seem excited to get back on to this band wagon after a rather unfortunate experience required me to leave the weave for a little bit. Now I'm back with a vengeance and looking for fresh meat.

Game Description:

The dreams came thick and heavy two weeks ago. They've refused to stop since...

Not that you mind... The blood, the gore, the murder, the rampage. Yes...Yes they were delicious. Images of power and glory.. Of honor on the battlefield. The only part of the dreams that concerned you was who featured in them. You have never feared any man...But this individual, horned helmet with blades, a suit of armor that seemed crafted of demon skin, an impossibly large great sword. All of that was intimidation... Playing on strengths... But gods, when he removed his helmet.. The horrors...

You bear no shame in claiming that you almost soiled yourself. For if any men could steady himself under that gaze, the man was not a man...But a god.

He called to you in your sleep, he was raising an army. A dark army. Soldiers to spread the great nightmare. Soldiers of fortune who wanted skulls as badly as he... Yes... Yes this was your calling...What your life was leading to.


Spellcasters of any kind (Did you hear me? Any. Kind.)
Wild Shaping-By any means, including ranger.
The complete series, except warrior and champion
Other sources to be determined

Pure Melee casters
LIMITED magic item use

To be clear...You are soldiers..not magical soldiers. Soldiers. Bloodlust driven killers. That is why you are being forced to... I mean *ahem* recruited. Don't try and optimize your way around it. You have your martial skill, your weapon, your strength (or dexterity) and that is all.

Paladin of Tyranny/Slaughter (SRD) okay? Holy Warrior variant from Complete Champion of course to lose that pesky spell-casting.

Also..."roll in this thread":
[roll=6m5d6v1]Stat roll[/roll]

Yeah...wondered about that. Where do you want my rolls?
No dice rolling in the ad forum thanks

This is a great game and we have got our great DM to thank for coming back and picking it up once more. Hope to see interest in it from more of you folks out there.

I can vouch for the quality of the DMing and the players. They're both excellent, and the story is an interesting one I'd love to see furthered on. So apply, so we can see where it takes us! Lookin' forward to slaughtering innocents with our new member!

Posting interest for a rogue/dervish.

And just ot be clear you want us to post in "Your Recruitment IC" basing only on the first post or by all posts in that thread?

Great. The plot sounds intriguing...

One more thing. You want us to drop one lowest roll? That gives us 4d6. Asking just to be sure...


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